Open-Borders Communists Harass Baseball Fans in the Capital of the Left Coast

On Saturday, I attended a San Francisco Giants home game with friends on a perfect evening for baseball by the Bay. The opposing team was the Diamondbacks, which attracted a couple hundred loud leftists to descend on the ballpark to march and shriek against border protection, in response to the tougher law recently passed […]

Rasmussen Poll: 2/3 of Voters Want the Military on the Border

Despite overwhelming public approval for Arizona’s tough immigration law, Obama looks like he intends to pursue a court challenge using the Justice Department. The man has an agenda, and protecting American sovereignty is not a part of it.

Speaking of support for an enforcement response, it is not going away:

67% Say Military Should Be Used On […]

More Domestic Terror Attacks Not Your Imagination

Does it seem like there are more acts of or attempts at terrorism in the United States by hostile Muslims in the last little while? Why yes, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Perhaps Muslims see President Obama as either foolishly weak (with his silly outreach behavior) or regard him as one of them who […]

Mexico's Immigration Thuggery Remains Intact

When Presidente Calderon did his amnesty tour of Washington last week, he told CNN interviewer Wolf Blitzer that Mexico had cleaned up its act regarding treatment of foreign nationals within its borders.

The Situation Room, CNN, May 19, 2010

BLITZER: All right. Let’s talk a little bit about Mexico’s laws. I read an article in “The Washington […]

Obama's Border Band-aid of a Few Troops Won't Help

There are several important points in thee video below from Fox News reporting out of Douglas, Arizona, regarding how Obama’s deployment of 1200 National Guard troops to the border might work out. (By comparison, the plan of Senators McCain and Kyl called for 6,000 military personnel.)

One is the concern of locals that the National Guard […]

Les Phillip: Retired Navy Pilot Runs for Congress in Alabama

So far, there are 32 black Republicans running for the House of Representatives.

Les Phillip, a Navy veteran, is campaigning in Alabama’s 5th district. His most recent ad tells quite a story in 30 seconds.

First Newark Schoolyard Trial Gets Conviction

The families of the three brutally murdered young people were satisfied and relieved that Roldolfo Godinez was found guilty. The trial was a long time coming since August 2007, when three college friends were slaughtered on a schoolyard by a group of MS-13 gangsters.

It is a good outcome in particular because the evidence linking Godinez […]

Stop Sharia: the Poem

Look quickly: this video is rapidly disappearing from the internet. The images and words supporting justice for women living under totalitarian Islam (is there another kind?) has angered the Sons of Allah, who are complaining loudly about the video’s honesty. It’s only a couple minutes, but contains much truth about the suffering of innocents under […]

Lt. Colonel Allen West Discusses Immigration

The Florida candidate for the House of Representatives speaks to local citizens about border and sovereignty in Jupiter, Florida.

Dangerous Mexican Criminal Was Deported 9 Times (but Never Imprisoned)

What kind of punishment is it when violent criminal aliens are merely deported rather than imprisoned? They have no motivation to stay in Mexico when there is no negative reinforcement, merely a free trip home.

Those who commit crimes need to serve long terms in jail, breaking rocks into tiny little pieces, and be repatriated only […]

Mexico's Calderon: Insulting America's Heroes?

How curious that the dinosaur media chirped cheerfully about the Mexican Presidente’s upcoming visit to Arlington Cemetery, but did little reporting following the actual deed.

Mexican president to make symbolic visit to Arlington Cemetery, Washington Post, May 19, 2010

When Mexican President Felipe Calderón pays his respects at Arlington National Cemetery this week, it will be more […]

In San Francisco, Diverse Cheaters Get a Free Ride

San Francisco is facing a budget deficit of $483 million in the next fiscal year, so it has been trying to tighten up on the many fare cheats who ride the city’s buses without paying.

For the last little while, authorities for Muni (aka Municipal Transportation Agency) sent around groups of officers to ticket the scofflaws […]

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