Arizona Alien Statistics Cited

Arizona’s worsening crime crisis is highlighted in the report below from Fox. While much of the media are stirring hispanics into a race frenzy about imaginary grievances regarding non-existent “profiling,” this item includes details of the kind of aliens that are entering this country.

William La Jeunesse cited relevant statistics, namely that 700 thousand were deported […]

The (English) Sleeper Awakes!

Two years ago I wrote an article expressing my dismay to see the English people somnambulate off the cliff of passive surrender to hostile Islam:

Britain: Where Are the Minutemen… Er, Home Guard?:

Observing the meltdown of the Anglosphere’s cultural hearth over the last few years has been a painful experience, as Britain marches off a cliff […]

Newark Schoolyard Murders Trial Begins

It’s been nearly three years since three black college students (pictured below) were brutally murdered by Hispanic gangsters (at least some illegal aliens) in Newark, and the trial finally started this week. The sole survivor took the stand to testify about what happened when the four friends went to a local schoolyard to listen to […]

“Gentle” Mexico Unmasked

What sweet timing that a report of human rights abuses against Central Americans as they transit Mexico was just published. Mexico has been working itself into a tizzy of self-indulgent rage against the impudence of Arizonans for enacting crackdown legislation, and just issued travel warnings for its precious citizens when they approach the state. Mexico’s […]

Arizona: Dinosaur Media Emphasize Race Hysteria While Ignoring Alien Crime against Citizens

A major reason for Arizona to legislate tougher tools for police to use against illegal foreigners has been the worsening crime due to open borders. But the corrupt media refuses to use the opportunity to expand on that subject and explain to the public at large that there illegal immigration is not a victimless crime.

The […]

San Francisco Intends to Boycott Arizona

The capital of the Left Coast has serious problems at home — including a projected budget deficit of $522 million and an unemployment rate of 10.3 percent for the city and county — but the San Francisco Board of Supervisors takes its valuable time to condemn Arizona for stepping up to the plate on borders […]

Complain-o-rama: Utah Requires Foreigners to Pass Driver's Test in English

Oh, the humanity! A state expects foreign newbies to be able to read the local traffic signs in order to be licensed to drive. A recent article from Salt Lake informed readers that a suffering Somali refugee was forced to endure taking the bus and (gasp!) walking. Shouldn’t refugees at least get a right […]

Mexico Miffed at Arizona

The crackhouse country next door is up to its usual hypocrisy, bashing Arizona for legislating to protect its sovereignty and public safety, when Mexico itself is known to treat illegal aliens within its territory harshly. The New York Times reported that Mexico deported 170,000 in 2006. Hey, Mexes, Hondurans are human too, as the signs […]

McCain Explores the Campaign Trail in Arizona

This is certainly a fine time to be an Arizona voter. First there is the pride in the state’s leadership in dealing with a vexing problem that elites want left as is, namely the open borders that provide a dependable glut of exploitable alien labor.

In addition, voters can enjoy the entertaining gyrations of candidate […]

Arizona Crackdown Bill Is Signed into Law

This is a sweet moment, and is the result of elected officials taking their responsibilities seriously. Thanks to Russell Pearce and others in the Arizona legislature who brought this important bill across the finish line.

The ink was hardly dry before the reflexive squawks about racial profiling were railing at full blast. Days earlier, Cardinal Roger […]

McCain Makeover: The Voter-Amnesia Campaign

The wonders of a primary election! As a result of a credible challenge by JD Hayworth (now within five points), the former maverick is now listening to the voice of the people, and they want border anarchy to end. So he has conveniently turned over a new leaf.

Indeed, Senator John McCain now accurately discusses in […]

Normal Afghan Pederasty

For the not-all-cultures-are-morally-equal file… On Wednesday I watched the documentary The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan on PBS and was appalled, although not surprised. (You can watch the entire 53-minute film on the Frontline website.)

The documentary is a disturbing journey through the male subculture known as bacha bazi where powerful men keep stables of boys for […]

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