Washington Silent on Border Anarchy

Has there been a Washington response to the murder of Arizona rancher Bob Krentz on his own land? If so, I haven’t heard it. The border states have been left to pick up the slack, even though protecting the nation’s borders is the feds’ job.

Of related interest, a March 19 Rasmussen poll found a strong […]

Mexican Immigrants: Feeling Entitled and Bearing Grudges

This thoughtful opinion piece about the cultural danger of admitting millions of Mexicans to America is worth your attention.

Illegal Hispanic immigration is undermining American values, Christian Science Monitor, March 30, 2010

Illegal immigration is causing an influx of Hispanics who don’t embrace American values.

By Walter Rodgers / Santa Barbara, Calif.

Walking the sandy beachfront in this ultra-affluent […]

Arizona Rancher Murdered

Rancher Robert Krentz was found shot to death late Saturday on his own land a few hours after phoning his brother that he was going to help an illegal alien who required medical assistance.

The crime highlighted the worsening danger near the border, particularly out in the country where everyone carries a gun for protection from […]

Cartel Anarchy Follows Mexicans to Texas

When Washington allows millions of Mexicans the enter this country (mostly illegally), it is unreasonable to expect only the “nice” Mexes, the ones who “only come to work” to avail themselves of open borders and permissive workplaces.

No, open borders permit the very worst of Mexican criminals to pour into America, as illustrated by the drug […]

Obama NLRB Appointee Supports Illegal Foreign Workers

When he campaigned for the Presidency, Obama portrayed himself as the friend of the American worker. But now that he’s in office, BHO’s one-worlder tendencies are becoming more obvious.

His recess appointment for the Labor Relations Board, Craig Becker, believes that punitive measures against employers of illegal aliens have had a “discriminatory effect” against those workers.

Of […]

Aliens' Spring Offensive

The unfriendlies appear to be riled up and active since they gaggled en masse upon Washington last week.

The degree of entitlement exhibited is remarkably extreme in how they demand full rights to something they essentially stole. But when Washington allows foreigners to squat here for decades (and even caters to them in many cases), the […]

Europeans! Save Yourselves

Civilization is a lot of work to build and maintain. Let’s not blow it all off by letting barbarians into the gates. In other words, stop Muslim immigration!

Save the European Culture and Values! EUROPE, Wake Up and Defend Yourself!

Legalization for Millions Touted by MSM

Funny how la Times comes right out and says “legalize millions” albeit of “undocumented immigrants” regarding Congress’ next unworthy project.

Senators announce framework for bipartisan immigration bill

Days before a planned march in Washington, D.C., two U.S. senators announced their framework Thursday for a bipartisan immigration bill that would increase resources for border enforcement, create a biometric […]

Dutch Immigrants Think There Are Too Many... Immigrants

Immigrants can be so amusing! First they want to replicate their home cesspools abroad, then complain when they don’t like the resulting diversity. Go figure!

THE HAGUE, 25/03/10 – Many immigrants themselves consider there are too many immigrants in the Netherlands. Turks are even more negative than the ‘indigenous’ Dutch, according to a survey by the […]

Poll Shows Low Opinion of National Security

Rasmussen pollsters have found the lowest level of confidence in national security since 9/11. Obama’s kumbaya policies of treating terrorists like everyday criminals must not look effective to the country.

War on Terror Update

Confidence that America is winning the war on terror is down slightly this month, and belief that the United States is safer today […]