About Limits to Growth

LimitsToGrowth.org started out as my little homemade website early in the decade to explore less traveled areas of immigration and culture. As a feminist environmentalist pro-gun sovereignty enthusiast, I felt oddly capable of voicing broader concerns about the demographic changes that most citizens do not want.

In particular, I’ve become alarmed at America being immersed in the leftist ideology of diversity as the highest good. One the contrary, human nature causes us to prefer association with similar people who speak our language, share our values and understand our jokes. Human community is based upon similarities, not differences.

Women’s rights and safety are threatened by the immigration of millions from misogynist cultures, and that includes Mexicans, Chinese and Indians as well as famously piggy Muslims. The engine of assimilation has broken under the weight of millions over decades, and many newcomers insist upon retaining their tribe’s customs in America, such as oppressing females. Yet we are told by liberal elites that we should celebrate diversity.

The environment is hugely impacted by so many people needing infrastructure as well as natural resources. We cannot preserve a traditional America of inspiring open spaces when they are rapidly being paved over to service the endless population growth, fueled largely by immigration. Problems of resource shortages, particularly water, are exacerbated by too much growth.

At a point in the late 19th century, America decided the frontier was over because there was no more land to be homesteaded. We should similarly understand that immigration has served its purpose and has now become a negative for environmental reasons, certainly, as well as other concerns.

Our current population is over 308 million; therefore we should end immigration, period. America is full, and we should be good stewards and protect what remains for future generations.

— Brenda Walker

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