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Along with the website Immigrations Human Cost, Brenda Walker has been writing about individual Americans who have been harmed by illegal alien criminals and posting them on the VDARE blog. Please click on the link to read each complete piece. See also the article about the police officers who have been killed by illegal aliens: The Thin Blue Line Is Compromised at the Top


Kidnapping (or Worse) Fought Off by Arizona WomanTracy Mann fought off illegal alien attacker with her pocketknife
Tracy Mann, 21, became suspicious when she saw a truck with the door open and no one around as she walked home from work at midnight. She opened up the pocketknife she always carries ("because you just never know") and was ready when an illegal alien accosted her and tried to steal her purse.

Salvadoran Killer of Pregnant Woman Gets the Maximum Sentence in North CarolinaLeeanna Newman killed by drunk illegal alien
Leeanna Newman, the 20-year-old pregnant mother of a toddler, was killed last February by a drunk-driving Mexican who had imbibed 20 beers right before driving. She and her husband Brad were planning their family's future together but that is over because of open borders.

Ohio Couple Struck Down by Drunk-Driving MexicanJim and Margie Rook victims of drunk driving illegal alien
Jim and Margie Rook of Cincinnati were killed on June 24 of 2006. The Ohio couple had nearly reached their vacation destination of Destin, Florida, when their car was struck head-on by a truck driven by a drunk illegal alien, Jesus Bernard. The crash made orphans out of the Rook's grown son and 14-year-old daughter.

Crime Victims Get a HearingCrime victim Sandy Ross
In Greeley, Colorado, the county District Attorney Ken Buck held a community forum 9/18/07 to give a voice to citizens who have been hurt by illegal alien criminals. One was Sandy Ross (shown), who was in a car crash which caused her serious injuries leading to the loss of her apartment and job. Her young son was traumatized by the wreck. The drunk-driving illegal alien who caused all this pain had been arrested six times previously for DUI charges, but was never deported.

Early Warning: Victims of Mexican Trucks RememberedJennings family killed by Mexican truck
Shown are Robert and Marie Jennings of Carlsbad, Califoronia, and their grandson, David Jennings II of Beaver Creek Ohio, who were killed in a terrible wreck with a Mexican truck in 2005. Recent investigation at the behest of the family has indicated that the official story of the crash being an unfortunate accident is not correct. The new evidence indicates that not only was the truck far beyond the permitted zone, it had severe safety violations. The information was brought to light by the couple's daughter Sheryl McGurk during a press conference against the NAFTA provisions for Mexican trucking.

Culture of Drunk DrivingBryan Mendoza
Six-year-old Bryan Mendoza was killed in a highway accident as a result of his father's insistence upon driving drunk, even with his wife and three children in the vehicle. At the trials, the illegal alien father was sentenced to six years in prison and the mother, who acquiesced to her husband's drunk driving, received only probation, even though she could have gotten a year in the county jail. The irresponsible parents did not strap little Bryan in with his seatbelt and he was thrown from the SUV.

Drunk-Driving Killer of CHP Officer Is SentencedCHP Officer John Bailey
California Highway Patrol Officer John Bailey was killed as he stood on the shoulder of the road by a drunk-driving illegal alien. The officer had stopped on his way home after his shift to pull over another drunk driver.The photo on the left shows widow Terry Bailey with friends of John at the sentencing. He also left four children. The convicted killer had a blood alcohol level of three times the legal limit.

Charlie Derrington Killer SentencedSusan Derrington
In July 2007, the Mexican who killed Nashville musician and mandolin expert Charlie Derrington in a drunk-driving crash was sentenced. Susan Derrington was hit hard by the sudden death of her husband of 24 years, to the point where she missed two months of work and had difficulty getting out of bed. She understands how open borders contributed to her loss, remarking "I'm very much in favor of closing the borders."

Another DUI Death in NashvilleJoycelyn Gardner
A native of Port Arthur, Texas, Joycelyn Gardner was only 22 when she died in a crash with a drunk-driving illegal alien who had been previously arrested for earlier crimes but was not deported. She was about to graduate from Tennessee State University in a couple months with a degree in criminal justice and planned on attending law school. She had been a competitive runner since the ninth grade and was a member of the TSU women's track team.

Tyler Evans' Killer SentencedTyler Evans
Little Tyler Evans only got to live four years. He was riding with his father and little brother in the family car when it was struck by a drunk-driving illegal alien. Christian Javier Sanchez-Rubio was apparently racing with another man, Marvin Navarro, when his Dodge Dakota truck plowed head-on into the car driven by Terry Evans, the father of Tyler.

A Son, Brother and "Friend with Everyone" Is KilledMAtthew Watson
Matthew Watson, 20, a sophomore economics major at the University of Maryland, was killed May 5 at 3 am when the Jeep Cherokee in which he was a passenger was struck by a truck driven by Mexican Never Leopoldo Navarro-Montoya. Matt was described by his many friends as upbeat and having a well developed sense of humor. He would mischievously park his car in the middle of the lot where the marching band practiced. Another time, he wore six or seven polo shirts to parody the school fashion of wearing two. He loved music and was he a saxophone player in the band, in addition to playing football as a lineman.

DUI Death in the HeartlandMAtthew Watson
Here's another young American struck down at the beginning of adulthood by a drunk-driving illegal alien. Nicole Allen, 21, was killed when the car in which she was riding as a back-seat passenger was struck from behind by a Lincoln Town Car driven by Mexican Pedro Santos. He ran on foot from the crime scene, but was apprehended three hours later by police using search dogs and a helicopter.

British Illegal Alien Free to KillRebecca Griego
On April 2, Rebecca Griego of Seattle was murdered by British illegal alien Jonathan Rowan. Rebecca worked as a researcher at the University of Washington. Rowan was an ex-boyfriend from hell who stalked and threatened Griego: both she and her sister had sought protection orders from the police. In addition, he had a previously run-in with the law that should have given him a one-way ticket home as a drunk-driving illegal alien. But he was allowed to stay and kill, despite Rebecca's pleadings with police to use law enforcement tools to protect her.

Film Director and Son Killed by Drunk Illegal Alienfilm direct Bob Director
Bob Clark is best known for his popular film, "A Christmas Story." He and his 22-year-old son Ariel were killed in a violent head-on crash on the Pacific Coast Highway with an illegal alien Mexican with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit.

Virginia Beach Teens Killed at Intersectionfilm direct Bob Director
Tessa Tranchant and her best friend Allison Kunhardt were sitting at a stop light, strapped in their seat belts, when their car was smashed by a drunk-driving illegal alien with previous convictions. Alfredo Ramos was not deported, as he should have been, and two teenaged girls are dead as a result.

Spring Break Turns Deadly Because of Illegal AlienAndrew Stears
According to his parents, 21-year-old Andrew Stear was excited about spring break in Florida with about 20 friends who caravanned from Missouri. He was studying business at St. Charles County Community College. But the fun ended when Andrew was struck down crossing the street by an illegal alien driving a stolen van. The driver, Hugo Rodriguez Colindrez, tried to escape the crime scene but was forced off the road by another motorist who witnessed the incident.

Father and Son DUI Deaths in North CarolinaBraswell father and son
Dwane Braswell and his 9-year-old son Jerry of Clayton were in a big rig in March when a car ran a stop sign and darted out in front of them. Braswell swerved to avoid it, but the truck rolled and burst into flames, killing both father and son. The drunk driver had prior arrests for DUI, but was not deported.