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November 2004

Germans argue over integration
The debate in Europe over Islamic immigration is apparently becoming more rational, even among the chattering classes since the van Gogh murder. Die Welt commentator Nikolaus Blome observed, "If multiculturalism means that it's OK for 30,000 Turks to live in a certain quarter of Berlin, and never leave, and live like they're still in deepest Turkey, then the term is now discredited."
    A term which has recently come back into favor is "Leitkultur," meaning "central culture" and Germans are becoming less shy about demanding assimilation on the part of newcomers. "The notion of multiculturalism has fallen apart," said conservative politician Angela Merkel in a recent interview. "Anyone coming here must respect our constitution and tolerate our Western and Christian roots."

The Costs of Illegal Immigration to Californians
The Federation for American Immigration Reform has a new study, updating the costs of illegal immigration for the most impacted state. The big expenditures are for education, healthcare and incarceration, and the total amount is just over $10 billion annually. Even those famous taxes which aliens pay are estimated to be only $1.6 billion, so there is not much offset.
    The full report can be read here.

MP vows follow-up to film 'Submission'
Dutch legislator Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one courageous woman to stand up to Islamic terrorists who have threatened numerous times to kill her. Theo van Gogh, her partner in creating the film "Submission," was assassinated Nov. 2 for making the controversial movie; now Hirsi Ali is pledging to make Submission II. She has been in hiding since van Gogh's murder.

Rhode Island Mexican leader ready for meeting with Fox
Here's an item for the euphemism file. A local fifth-column Mexican living in the Northeast was chatting up his own personal importance vis-a-vis El Presidente Fox, along with how vital immigrant remittances are to keeping the corrupt homeland afloat.
    "The Mexicans who live in the exterior, we are the second economy of Mexico, after the oil," said Julio Aragon.
    "The exterior" — that would be the United States. Remember that Mexicans are constantly demanding "respect" for their citizens illegally living and working in this nation. Someone should tell them that you need to give respect in order to get it.

Germany Must Do Better on Immigration
The subject here is assimilation in light of the van Gogh assassination in the Netherlands. Germans, like the Dutch, are debating the Islamic immigration which is changing the face of Europe, struggling to manage the time bomb in their midst. For example, Brandenburg state minister Joerg Schoenbohm said foreigners in Germany should accept German civic culture, remarking, "We shouldn't allow this common ground to be destroyed by foreigners".
    The keeper quote is from former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt: "Multicultural societies have only ... functioned peacefully in authoritarian states. To that extent it was a mistake for us to bring guest workers from foreign cultures into the country at the beginning of the 1960s."

Activist Warns against Genital Mutilation
African immigrants in Europe continue to practice female genital mutilation despite its illegality in the more enlightened west, yet with little interference from European law enforcement.
    Somalia-born supermodel Waris Dirie, a victim herself since age 5, estimates one in every three African families living in Europe is secretly carrying out the brutal ritual on their daughters. When she was 13, her father arranged her marriage to an elderly man in exchange for five camels, and she ran away from home. She walked 300 miles across Somalia to the capital Mogadishu and ended up living in Britain.

Turkey Is Basic, but Immigrants Add Their Homeland Touches
What is Thanksgiving without the media's obligatory immigrant stories of multicultural flavors being swirled into the politically correct un-melting pot? The press loves these no-brainer boilerplate articles for their ease to write as well as for the diversity points accumulated in their printing.
    The media's message is that Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to celebrate immigration and multiculturalism. The MSM attitude is opposed to that of most Americans who are grateful for borders and want immigration to be legal, controlled and reduced.

Is this scene the latest horror from Iraq?
No, the locale is Mexico City. And the bodies are dead policemen who have just been burned alive by their fellow Mexicans on television. Earlier in the day (11/23), broadcasts showed the battered face of one the officers who identified himself as a federal anti-terror agent. Locals, however, may have believed the men were involved in kidnapping children, at least initially.
    Despite all the media attention, some of the mob eventually poured gasoline on the officers and set them on fire. Rescue efforts from other police arrived far too late.
    On the following day, there was little remorse in evidence, and one man stated "We support the killings." Instead, there were plenty of complaints about the lack of adequate policing. While police corruption is a serious problem in Mexico, the carnival-like immolation of two human beings would seem to require at least a tiny bit of self-reflection and responsibility. But that capacity is apparently not part of the Mexican character.
    Carlos Monsivais, a commentator on the subject of increasing Mexican anarchy, has remarked, "It has become possible to justify lynchings in the name of the disappearance of justice." It's a variation on the theme of victimhood, that if a group feels itself to be aggrieved enough, then normal standards of behavior do not apply.
    Of more importance to Americans is the fact that President Bush is determined to engineer a shotgun marriage between the United States and Mexico. A closer integration of our cultures is a negative for America and our tradition of law. Unassimilated millions of Mexicans in this coutry bring with them their culture's violence, disdain for education, endemic corruption and gender inequality.

Europe to the Barricades
Tony Blankley believes that Europe has finally awakened to the fifth column Islamist threat since the van Gogh murder and resulting violence. Not only are the average Dutch outraged by the chaos Muslim immigration has brought to their society, but even the press has taken notice, e.g. the German publication Der Spiegel wrote: "The veil of multiculturalism has been lifted, revealing parallel societies where the law of the state does not apply."
    Honest reports of Muslim scorn toward their European neighbors are beginning to be heard, like these remarks from an imam: "Those Germans, those atheists, they don't shave their armpits. Their sweat spreads evil smells. They stink. They are atheists. What good do they do to us? And since they are unbelievers, in the afterlife, they can only burn in hell."
    An actual moderate Muslim leader in Germany observed recently, "Either Islam gets Europeanized or Europe gets Islamized."
    The jury is still out on whether Europe will act to save itself from fascist Islam, but at least they are talking about it.

What's Wrong with This Picture?
Dutch immigration minister Rita Verdonk's outstretched hand is rejected by a Muslim imam who believes touching a female will somehow pollute him. Ms. Verdonk has been advocating more emphasis on assimilation in EU immigration. They obviously have quite a ways to go in the Netherlands.
    Dutch speakers can read the original here. Otherwise Zacht Ei remains a go-to blog.

Popular Dutch lawmaker urges halt to non-Western immigrants, shutting down radical mosques
In his first interview since the murder of Theo van Gogh by an Islamic extremist, Geert Wilders called for the protection of western values and the rejection of multicultural baloney:
    "We are a Dutch democratic society. We have our own norms and values. If you chose radical Islam you can leave, and if you don't leave voluntarily then we will send you away. This is the only message possible."
    Wilders has been in hiding under police protection since the van Gogh killing because of death threats. "Even though I have this protection, I am afraid. Even when I am on the floor of the parliament, I don't feel comfortable," he remarked.
    Use this Email form to contact Wilders with support.

Radio host launches anti-Arnold campaign
LTG strongly opposes amending the Constitution so that the foreign born may run for president, and particularly not for Mr. Schwarzenegger.
    California's new governor, elected in a recall election which ousted Grey Davis, campaigned as a reformer, but he is the same old corrupt hack. He has raised $26.6 million in his first year in office, double the amount that Davis amassed in the same time. And while portraying himself as a friend of the people, Arnold has been Mr. Special Interest Fundraiser.
    And it's not like he has done anything to solve California's problems. He has continued massive borrowing to postpone the budget reforms the state desperately needs, and next year's deficit will be nearly $7 billion.
    The only way in which Schwarzenegger has been an improvement over Davis is that he has not caved to the constant demands of Mexican invaders for driver's licenses for illegal aliens. Not yet, at least.
    As a result, Mexican officials have been downright irate that the Gubernator is not cooperating with their open-borders agenda, and el Presidente Fox refers to the Gov as "Schwarzenberger."
    As far as the foreigner President Constitutional Amendment goes, it's completely reasonable to retain the White House for home-born citizens only, particularly since all other American privileges are available to naturalized immigrants.
    Of course, we have many fine citizens of foreign birth, but loyalty is deeper when there is no spare country to run to if the going gets rough.

Why Theo Van Gogh Was Murdered
Theodore Dalrymple opines that the abuse of women is central to Islam's attraction to Muslim males in Europe. Since van Gogh highlighted the ugly truth, he had to be punished.
    For a sociological presentation of the same notion, that the gender divide is central to the chasm between Islam and the west, please see The True Clash of Civilizations.

Pim Fortuyn Is Voted Greatest Dutch Person in Survey
The independently minded politician who was assassinated two years ago has not been forgotten by his countrymen. Instead, many Dutch apparently remember and revere him now as presciently warning against too many Islamic immigrants, as the country is still recovering from the brutal murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a radical Muslim on the streets of Amsterdam.
    Fortuyn was the first national figure to speak an unpleasant truth that many polite Dutch were thinking but afraid to say, that multiculturalism is a failed ideology. As Professor Fortuyn observed, "I say multicultural society doesn't work. We're not living closer, we're living apart."
    There has been a terrible price to be paid, but at least awareness is growing among the Dutch that unassimilated Islamic immigrants are a threat to western values of free speech and gender equality.

Hispanics sue county college system
The reconquista thought police are at it again, harassing pro-borders professor Walter Kehowski who put his political opinions online. He even has a disclaimer page to make it completely clear that the contents are his own and Maricopa County Community College is not responsible for the opinions therein.
    The lawsuit brought by MALDEF on behalf of several Latino faculty alleges, "The e-mails transmitted by Mr. Kehowski have, among other things, denounced 'multiculturalism' and 'd-d-d-diversity' and encouraged recipients to acknowledge and celebrate the superiority of Western Civilization."
    Get that?! Prof. Kehowski is being condemned for his emails. No matter that free speech is guaranteed by the Constitution. Remarkably, the first amendment is under more attack on college campuses than anywhere else. Speech codes there are supposed to shield students from challenging ideas that might damage their tender self-esteem. But a major part of a college education is to develop critical thinking skills, or at least it used to be. Today's students are poorly served by being more protected than taught.

How Enlightenment Dies
Dim-bulb socialists bewail the conservative voting habits of JesusLand (middle America), while in the Netherlands a filmmaker was assassinated in broad daylight by an Islamic terrorist for criticizing Muslim brutality toward women. What's wrong with this picture?
    Plus, the Dutch government is accused of underestimating the threat from Muslim immigration and its resulting terrorism. One official remarked, "The Netherlands used to be an island of decency and tolerance. Not all Muslims are terrorists ... but there are a large number of terrorists in this world that feel attached to an identity as Muslim. They want to destroy us."

Veteran's Day: Colin Powell Surrenders to Mexico
I'm a California treehugger, but it made my blood boil to see the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Secretary of State Powell, on a surrender mission to Mexico just before Veterans Day. More on

Netherlands sees mini clash of civilizations
A better description would be a large clash in a small country. Arnaud de Borchgrave reminds readers that Holland's legal, open prostitution and drugs are not pleasant to the eye of Islamic culture mired in the seventh century. The Netherlands is Europe's most densely populated country, yet they still permit 30,000 immigrants annually, mostly Muslim. Why?
    In Europe Confronts Racism, Robert Spencer notes that deception is part of the Islamic approach to confronting Europe, quoting Mohammed as saying, "War is deceit." The title is somewhat ironic, since Spencer believes the source of conflict is an ideology irreconcilable with western values.
    Finally, keep an eye on the Netherlands by reading Zacht Ei, an excellent Dutch blog. These days, the frontlines of the fight for western civilization are located on the streets of Amsterdam.

MALDEF Benefactors Confronted
On Nov. 5, concerned citizens showed up with informative signs at the 30th Annual Awards Dinner of the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund held in Hollywood. Unfortunately, many American companies donate generously to this radical open-borders organization.

Terrorists at the Border?
Details are revealed about how Arabs are learning Spanish and Latin culture so they can easily blend in when they sneak across the border with the daily thousands.
    "We know for a fact that people coming from the Middle East are now coming into Mexico and spending a year, even two years in Mexico, to learn how to speak Spanish," the Border Patrol agent told NBC4.
    "The key is to pass yourself off as a Mexican," said retired Army Colonel Ben Anderson.
    The video version of this report is definitely worth watching.
    Update: Here is a follow-up report, with more corroborating evidence that the terrorist threat on the border is real.

Sierra Club Scandal Update: Apparently the LA Times wire service snipped out the essential information about financial malfeasance and left in the fluff.
    The result was the San Francisco Chronicle printed a totally gutted version which left out the the fact that the $100 million donation of David Gelbaum to the Sierra Club came on the condition that there be no mention of immigration as a negative environmental influence? [Los Angeles Times, Oct 27, "The Man Behind the Land"]
    But [Gelbaum] said Pope long had known where he stood on the contentious issue. "I did tell Carl Pope in 1994 or 1995 that if they ever came out anti-immigration, they would never get a dollar from me."
    The version printed in the Chronicle left out any mention of the contentious Sierra Club elections where immigration realists have sought to address the issue. Board candidate and former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm asked about the shadowy funds, "Is this foreign money? Is it money that comes with special obligations? I would want to know I'm not running a laundry or being a front group for an entity that doesn't have the best interests of the United States at heart."
    But San Francisco Chronicle readers do not learn these facts. How fortunate for the Sierra Club, which has its national headquarters in that city.

KSJO's switch to Latin oldies rocks headbangers' world
The Mexicanization of the San Francisco Bay Area continues rapidly, shown by another switch to Spanish of a local radio station. No wonder, since there were 1.3 million Hispanics in the nine-county Bay Area, nearly a fifth of the total population, according the 2000 Census. To see the Hispanic population explosion in Los Angeles County, 1940-2000, check out this animated map. A similar pattern of growth is likely around the Bay.

The Mideast 'bomb' no one talks about
That would be the "population bomb" not discussed about anywhere else either. Many Arab countries have extremely high birth rates, such as Yemen, where on average each woman has seven children. Saudi Arabian women average 4.5 children and the population could double in 25 years. More importantly for the topic of social stability, the Saudi population explosion has caused the kingdom's per capita income to crash, from about $16,000 in 1974 to less than $6,000 in recent years.
    And the crisis of overpopulation is certainly not discussed in the local mosque.

Test of Tolerance
After the assassination of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh by an apparent Islamic extremist, PBS showed this segment about the cultural clash of Muslims in the socially liberal Netherlands. This file includes an online video version, worth watching to see and hear the courageous ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali, now a member of the Dutch parliament.

Arizonans spread hopes for moves against illegals
Prop 200's impressive electoral win has already reinforced the idea that illegal immigration is an issue that is here to stay until borders are closed and enforcement is universal. California's Prop 187 was not an aberration, but a precursor, showing citizen's refusal to accept passively the Mexican invasion.
    Chair of the Yes on 200 Committee Randy Pullen observed, "When you have the governor, your senators and your congressional delegation against it, you're outspent 5-to-1, and you still win ... it's a pretty clear message that people want something done."
    Not only that, but other states are in line to do likewise, including Colorado and California. The anarchy must end.

Another Assassination in the Netherlands

Theo van Gogh was a famous Dutch filmmaker who had the courage to produce, along with feminist Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the short film "Submission" about the brutal treatment of women under Islam, for which he received death threats. Van Gogh was stabbed and shot several times in Amsterdam. The suspect has Dutch and Moroccan passports and was described by witnesses as being Islamic in appearance.
    Dutch PM Jan Peter Balkenende said in reaction, "On a day like this, one has to think back of the murder of Pim Fortuyn... this fills me with horror."
    "Martin from Amsterdam" (scroll down) describes the shocking scene in JihadWatch, an essential source of information about the dangers of fascist Islam. An analysis from Robert Spencer, JihadWatch's publisher, is here.
    Van Gogh had been working on a new film "06-05" about the May 6, 2002, assassination of politician Pim Fortuyn, scheduled to debut in December on the internet.
    Update: Thousands have rallied in Amsterdam to protest the murder, although another report noted that Dutch police had "arrested several people who had been shouting anti-immigrant slogans."
    Eight arrested in Van Gogh murder
A gaggle of Islamic radicals have been rounded up in Amsterdam in connection with the killing. At least now the politicians have stopped saying people shouldn't "jump to conclusions" about the motive in the crime. A partial mugshot of the shooter shows his first name is Mohammed.

Egyptian father angry at having no sons stabs his seven daughters, killing 4
Not much respect for women in Egypt, where the unhappy father murdered his daughters in their beds. He also said he stabbed Samar, 15; Isra, 10; Fatima, 8; and Zeinab, 7, because he feared they would one day become promiscuous. Interestingly, accused killer Abdel Nasser Ibrahim is a muezzin, or mosque prayer caller.

Environmental Records of California Congressional Representatives
Numbers are crunched to show reps' voting histories, including immigration and population legislation as well as traditional conservation issues. One conclusion from the data is that "the pattern of endorsements suggests that the Sierra Club is more focused on supporting the Democratic Party than on supporting the environment."
    Unsurprisingly, the Sierra Club can't even get the U.S. population correct in its own magazine. This article reports that the nation's population is 291 million when it is well over 294.6 million as of late October. Apparently population accuracy is inconsequential to official Sierra mouthpieces, who believe they have more important things to do than take a few seconds to check the U.S. Census.
    Note: As promised last spring, the Sierra Club has notified me of its intent to purge me from the membership ranks on the basis of this website and what I have written for The accusations say that I have engaged in "racial slurs and other derogatory language" in my discussions of immigration. However, a close analysis of this website shows support in particular for the rights of blacks, Jews and women. In addition, I recommend economic reforms for Mexico so Mexican citizens may benefit from the country's riches, and suggest that microlending is a more environmental and humane solution to worldwide poverty than immigration.