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March 2010

State's voters to decide on legalizing pot  [3/26/10]
With so much bad news this week, it's nice to see California citizens have a chance to vote for freedom and against plant prohibition. It's also my hope that marijuana legalization will lower prices enough to convince Mexicans that it's not worth the trouble to ruin our beautiful parks (like Yosemite and Sequoia) with their toxic growing methods. (See my article from November, Marijuana Legalization -- Could It Help Stop The Mexodus?)

    California voters will decide this November whether to legalize and regulate adult recreational use of marijuana. The secretary of state on Wednesday certified that a Bay Area-based effort to put the issue on the ballot has collected enough signatures to do so.
        If passed, California would have the most comprehensive laws on legal marijuana in the entire world, advocates say. Opponents are confident they will easily defeat the measure.
        The vote will be the second time in nearly 40 years that people in the Golden State will decide the issue of legalization, though the legal framework and cultural attitudes surrounding marijuana have changed significantly over the past four decades. If Californians pass the measure, they would be the first in the nation to vote for legalization. Similar efforts in other states all have failed.
        Backers needed to collect at least 433,971 valid signatures of registered voters, and Secretary of State Debra Bowen said they met that threshold. [...]
        A Field Poll taken in April found that 56 percent of voters backed the idea of legalization and taxation of marijuana. The measure will add to an already crowded November ballot, with an expensive gubernatorial race looming along with other statewide offices.
        Prominent candidates running for higher office, including Democratic Attorney General Jerry Brown, who is seeking the governorship, and San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, a Democrat who is running for attorney general, have said they oppose the initiative. Don Perata, former Senate president pro tem and candidate for Oakland mayor, supports the initiative.
        The major Republican candidates oppose the measure.
Sounds like a slam dunk to me!

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KFC diner told 'you can't have bacon in your burger here - we're now halal'  [3/25/10]
A disturbing development is how some chain restaurants are turning halal in areas of large Muslim population. Because Islam is so picky, a restaurant that has Muslim food can't have pork even close, so patrons have no choice in the matter.

    A diner was left fuming after a KFC restaurant took his favourite meal off the menu because it breached their new halal regulations.
        Alan Phillips was told he would have to travel five miles to another branch if he wanted the Big Daddy, a chicken burger, topped with bacon, cheese and salad.
        The branch, in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, is one of 86 KFC restaurants which is running trials of a scheme where they sell nothing other than halal meat.
It gets worse...
    The meat must also be blessed in the name of Allah and cannot be kept on the same premises as banned substances including pork and alcohol.
The thought of any food "blessed in the name of Allah" is most unappetizing.

In France, the fast-food chain Quick became halal in certain locations. Some French fellows engineered a unique protest...

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U.S. Military Doing 'Limited' Drug War Work In Mexico, Napolitano Says  [3/25/10]
Americans have been pleading for years for Washington to station our military on the Mexican border to protect us from Mexico's criminal invaders.
    Now the feds are sending U.S. troops to that general area, but they are being sent into Mexico to protect Mexicans, not Americans. (I reported earlier this month that U.S. drug agents were being embedded with Mexicans: Washington Hooks Up Even More with Corrupt Mexico.)
    DHS honcho Janet Napolitano approached the news of U.S. troops in Mexico cautiously because she is fearful of offending Mexicans. She obviously doesn't care that American citizens want their border made secure.

    Let me be very, very clear (because) this is a very delicate subject. ... Our military in certain limited ways has been working with the Mexican military in their efforts against the drug cartels. But, it is at the request of the Mexican government, in consultation with the Mexican government. And it is only one part of our overall efforts with Mexico, which are primarily civilian in nature."
A gaggle of high level Washington dignitaries visited Mexico on Tuesday for a powwow on drug violence, where the blame-America theme was strong. The group included Secretary of State Clinton, Janet Napolitano and Secretary of Defense Bob Gates, whose presence emphasized the new military involvement.

There was the usual apologetic chatter that the U.S. shares the blame because of Americans' drug consumption; it's the sort of script which is expected in the culturally relative world of state diplomacy. Secretary Clinton was expected to perform mea culpa on the Mexicans, and she did: "We're as corrupt as Mexico; please take some of our money."
    America is flat broke, but always finds something to give the moocher Mexicans. One recently announced goodie is three Blackhawk helicopters for Mexico's drug war. They were purchased with $83 million from the $1.4 billion Merida Initiative created by President Bush. President Obama want to add $310 million to that sum. Perhaps Obie thinks he isn't yet spending enough taxpayer money.
    The Mexican drugs are mostly marijuana: more than 60 percent of the cartels' revenue came from U.S. pot sales -- $8.6 billion out of $13.8 billion in 2006.
    The good news in today's headlines is the fact that California will vote on marijuana legalization in November. Its passage is likely to drive down the cost of weed substantially. In fact, the groovy growers of Humboldt County are concerned that the market price will crash ('What's after pot?' Local businesses, community leaders, marijuana industry reps to meet about a post-pot economy).
    So if market forces cool the profits of the Mexican cartels and make pot as cheap as cigarettes, great. Anything that gets Mexican criminals out of this country is wonderful. Since Washington certainly won't.

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War on Terror Update  [3/24/10]
Rasmussen pollsters have found the lowest level of confidence in national security since 9/11. Obama's kumbaya policies of treating terrorists like everyday criminals must not look effective to the country.

    Confidence that America is winning the war on terror is down slightly this month, and belief that the United States is safer today than it was before 9/11 has hit its lowest level ever.
        A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 35% of voters think America is safer now than it was before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Thats down from 39% last month.
        Thirty-eight percent (38%) say the United States is not safer today, and 27% more are not sure.
        Confidence has been steadily declining since the Christmas Day terrorist attempt to blow up an airliner landing in Detroit.

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Islam Rising Trailer  [3/24/10]
Geert Wilders' new documentary Islam Rising is available to order and will be premiered in Los Angeles on May 1.

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March on America  [3/23/10]
The MSM was full of adoring photos of the illegal alien cadre that marched against US immigration law on Sunday. (See a typical slide show in the SF Chronicle that included lots of American flags.)
    But a closer look turned up less appealing pictures, with plenty of Marxism, revolution and anti-borders sentiments.

See also the slide show here.

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India lags behind in sanitation facilities  [3/22/10]
India has its boosters who portray the country as modern. An Indian immigrant sought to change Virginia schoolbooks for ideas she considered objectionable: "I thought the American children will think India is some Third World country with pagan beliefs and backward thinking, not a forward-thinking country," Kumar said [Wiping Stereotypes Of India off the Books].
    But when the subjects of public sanitation and home toilets are considered, India is retro indeed.

    She grew up in a dusty West Bengal village, where no one had access to toilets. Most of the female villagers headed to a particular field. But it was a bit of a walk and often required asking another woman to help shield you from lecherous men.
        Boko, a 35-year-old woman with a yellow sari and a big smile, now sweeps floors at a truck stop with toilets. It's a big improvement, says the woman, who identified herself only by her first name.
        A United Nations report released March 15 says that despite progress in the last two decades, 2.4 billion people around the world still lack access to basic sanitary facilities -- including an estimated 638 million in India alone.
        Lacking access to a toilet, something most people in the developed world don't think about, involves more than just embarrassment and inconvenience. It's also a significant health hazard. Globally, about 1.5 million children die each year as a result of a lack of water, sanitation and hygiene, according to UNICEF, the U.N. children's agency.
India has constructed a nuclear arsenal while around half of its population does not have access to basic sanitation. Nice priorities.
    Indian immigrants promote themselves as persons from an ancient and spiritual culture -- a characterization that does not bear much examination given its history of descrimination based on caste.

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Mexican police ask spirits to guard them in drug war  [3/22/10]
In Mexico it's not just the bad guys who are partial to spooky religious stuff trending to the dark side -- it's also the cops.

    In secret meetings that draw on elements of Haitian Voodoo, Cuban Santeria and Mexican witchcraft, priests are slaughtering chickens on full moon nights on beaches, smearing police with the blood and using prayers to evoke spirits to guard them as drug cartels battle over smuggling routes into California.
        Other police in the city of Tijuana, across the border from San Diego, tattoo their bodies with Voodoo symbols, believing they can repel bullets.
        "Sometimes a man needs another type of faith," said former Tijuana policeman Marcos, who left the city force a year ago after surviving a drug gang attack. "I was saved when they killed two of my mates. I know why I didn't die."

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"Thousands call for immigration reform in DC"  [3/21/10]
The one benefit of today's healthcare socialization marathon was that it eclipsed the rally of thousands of hostile illegal aliens and their anti-American pals in Washington.

    Frustrated with the lack of action to overhaul the country's immigration system, tens of thousands of demonstrators rallied on the National Mall and marched through the streets of the capital Sunday, waving American flags and holding homemade signs in English and Spanish. [...]
        One group from Queens, N.Y., displayed a giant papier-mache family  a mother and two crying children. The creation, meant to symbolize the way immigration problems have split up families, was the work of teenagers in an after-school program, said Natalia Aristizabal, arts and media educator for the group, Make the Road New York.
Indeed, illegal aliens apparently have lots of time for expressive art projects, such as the item pictured below. Such creative people.

(AP caption) Demonstrators shout as they punch an effigy of the Immigration Customs Enforcement ICE during a rally for immigration reform on the National Mall in Washington, on Sunday, March 21, 2010.

The aliens' behavior toward their crude effigy doesn't indicate much respect for the rule of law, but then neither did their manner of entering this nation.

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Changing face of London due to immigration (19Mar10)  [3/21/10]
This is an interesting piece from BBC London news in that it actually includes the sentiments of alarm from average citizens. The length is just over four minutes, so there is no time for cultural specifics (e.g. crime, Islamic misogyny).
    It's good to see public opinion treated with respect in a way you rarely observe on television in this country. The British people don't want their national culture shredded, and nobody (in this report at least) is accusing them of racism.

Also interesting from the same BBC news series is this item about how determined illegal aliens are to reach the benefits paradise of London: Attractiveness of UK to illegal / legal immigrants (18Mar10).

The introductory segment (the changing demographic of London) noted that the city has gone from 20 percent ethnic minorities in 1991 to 31 percent in 2007, with projections showing in 2031 London will be 40 percent non-white. A clip from a diverse grade school (Newhall) shows that the kiddies are being fed a thick diet of multiculturalism where all cultures are taught as wonderful and equal (students have "a healthy appetite to learn from each other") -- meaning there's no mention of ethnic unpleasantries like FGM, honor killings. (Curious how this clip is so PC compared to the one posted above.) It probably won't be fun to be part of the future Newhall area where only 25 percent will be white in 20 years.
    Here in Califoria, MALDEF mouthpiece Manuel Obledo once recommended white people who didn't like Mexicanization should "go back to Europe." Unfortunately a Europe of mostly white people is rapidly disappearing.

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Year's biggest sandstorm turns Beijing sky orange  [3/20/10]
And now a message from our planet...

    China's capital woke up to orange-tinted skies Saturday as the strongest sandstorm so far this year hit the country's north, delaying some flights at Beijing's airport and prompting a dust warning for Seoul.
        The sky glowed and a thin dusting of sand covered Beijing, causing workers to muffle their faces in vast Tiananmen Square. The city's weather bureau gave air quality a rare hazardous ranking.
        Air quality is "very bad for the health," China's national weather bureau warned. It said people should cover their mouths when outside and keep doors and windows closed.
        China's expanding deserts now cover one-third of the country because of overgrazing, deforestation, urban sprawl and drought. The shifting sands have led to a sharp increase in sandstorms - the grit from which can travel as far as the western United States.
Three out of four reasons named for Red China's increasing desertification are human caused. The PRC is home to 1.3 billion people, which is more than double the number counted in its 1953 census, when the population stood at 582 million. China's one-child policy is obnoxious to us, but the famine of the early 1960s that killed millions prompted an attempt to slow population growth.
    Meanwhile, the population of the United States similarly continues to explode beyond environmental sustainability and will into the distant future unless the immigration firehose is stopped. The high Census projection for late in this century shows our country topping the one billion mark in 2089.

Below, a girl in Tiananmen Square during a recent sandstorm

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Senators announce framework for bipartisan immigration bill  [3/20/10]
Funny how la Times comes right out and says "legalize millions" albeit of "undocumented immigrants" regarding Congress' next unworthy project.

    Days before a planned march in Washington, D.C., two U.S. senators announced their framework Thursday for a bipartisan immigration bill that would increase resources for border enforcement, create a biometric Social Security card to prevent forgeries and legalize millions of undocumented immigrants.
        Sens. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) laid out their proposal in an opinion piece in the Washington Post, saying that "the American people deserve more than empty rhetoric and impractical calls for mass deportation." The plan also calls for creation of a program to admit temporary workers.
        The announcement was immediately praised by President Obama, who pledged Thursday to help translate the framework into a legislative proposal and to continue working "to forge a bipartisan consensus this year."
Our elected leaders at work.

Below, they keep coming.

•   •   •  

White House Won't Rule Out That Obama Will Sign Other Bills Such As Immigration Reform That Are Not Put to Yea or Nay Votes in Both Houses  [3/19/10]
Does Obama believe himself to be King? Will he just sign unvoted-upon "bills" willy-nilly to further his far left aims? Perhaps.

    The White House declined on Thursday to rule out that President Barack Obama might sign future legislation, such as an immigration reform measure, that has not been put to a recorded yea-or-nay vote in both houses of Congress.
White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs was remarkably tongue-tied in his wobbly response. asked Gibbs: Mark Levin, with the Landmark Legal Foundation, has prepared a suit against the president if he signs the health care bill not passed by the House with a recorded yea-or-nay vote required by Article 1 Section 7. My question on that is: Will the president rule out signing other bills, such as immigration reform, or finance reform you mentioned earlier, that are not subject to a recorded yea-or-nay vote in both chambers?
        Gibbs answered: Again, this is--I think weve discussed on a number of occasions, certainly the last time we met inside  that this was the type of thing, the type of rule that youve seen pass on any number of instances. So, I understand that there are those that want to discuss this as being a unique thing. It is not. I stated earlier that when this bill passes the House, the president will be happy to sign it.

Meanwhile, the big kahuna of amnesty in the House, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, is now all smiles and on board with Obamacare after earlier pledging a "no" vote because of the bill's lack of goodies for illegal aliens. He described his change of mind by saying "I believe we have a commitment to move forward on a comprehensive immigration reform package as soon as possible."

•   •   •  

On the Bus for Immigrant Rights: Day 1  [3/19/10]
The Mission Blog (apparently a project of the San Francisco Chronicle) is a major celebrator of all things illegal alien, particularly Mexican.
    A recent item was a first-hand account of riding the bus from San Francisco to Washington for the big amnesty fiesta on Sunday. Golly, I wonder who shows up as the welcoming committees on the road trip?

    Every place we stop - Oakland, Sac and Reno - priests greet us. Most riders seem very religiously engaged.
I guess the anti-borders Catholics haven't heard the good news of immigration sanity from our beloved Father Pat: Father Bascio on the immorality of illegal immigration.
    Back on the bus...
    The 53 bus seats are occupied with activists of all ages from across California. Julio Salgado, came from Santa Barbara and drove to Sacramento to pick up the bus. Oscar Mangandid, a 20-year-old City College student, from the Mission. At each stop, new people board.
        Many riders spend the time preparing their testimony for Washington where they hope to impress on Congress the importance of legislation to legalize the country's more than 11 million undocumented immigrants.
        The biggest news of the day is that Senator Barbara Boxer has agreed to meet with folks from PICO, a national network of faith-based organizations. She had previously refused to, according to Fernando from PICO. He credits her change of mind to the actions of activists in San Francisco.
        Otherwise, the talk on the bus is all about immigration. The couple next to me discuss the Irish, once undocumented and now influential.
Ahem, the only "undocumented" Irish are the current ones who are annoying beyond their relatively low numbers because of their attitude of entitlement.

•   •   •  

Ethnonationalism: The Wars of Tribe and Faith Return  [3/19/10]
Pat Buchanan has long understood the basic fact of human nature: we are tribal creatures first and foremost. The urge to associate with those who look, sound and believe like ourselves is deep seated.

    What the splintering of the Soviet Union and of a Yugoslavia whose baptismal certificate dated to the Paris peace conference of 1919 revealed was the accuracy of Arthur Schlesinger's insight in his 1991 Disuniting of America: Reflections on a Multicultural Society:

      "Nationalism remains after two centuries the most vital political emotion in the world -- far more vital than social ideologies such a communism or fascism or even democracy. ... Within nation-states, nationalism takes the form of ethnicity or tribalism."

    Ethnic ties, Schlesinger wrote, might prove more powerful and historically important than the forces of globalism and democratism, which then seemed ascendant. He only neglected to mention religious faith as often a "far more vital" emotion than ideology.
        And though the Iraq elections have been hailed as a triumph of democracy, they would seem to prove him right.
        Kurds voted for Kurds, Shia for Shia, Sunni for Sunni on a slate led by Ayad Allawi, a secular Shia who campaigned on a unity ticket.
        The election results resemble a national census.

•   •   •  

Erdogan urges German Turks not to integrate  [3/18/10]
Not that long ago, dreamy globalists touted Turkey as a fine example of a modern state peopled by moderate Muslims. Those same one-worlders thought that Europe should welcome Turkey into the EU to share the wonderful diversity for which the Turks are famous. EU membership would allow 77 million Turkish Muslims -- 99.8 percent of the population, since Christians and others have been chased out -- complete access to the continent.
    In recent years however, Turkey has pulled back from the modernization begun by Kemal Ataturk and moved more into the Islamist camp with the election of a religious party to government in 2002.
    As a result of the retro political changes in Turkey, Europe has gradually grown unenthusiastic about Turkey's joining the EU (although Obama thinks it's a swell idea).
    Somehow, Prime Minister Erdogan doesn't appear interested in his country joining the EU, judging by recent remarks of a hostile nature.

    At the meeting last month, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged Turks living in foreign countries to take out citizenship of the new homelands  not to integrate, but rather to become more politically active, according to the website of news magazine Der Spiegel.
        Ali Ertan Toprak, deputy chairman of the Alevi community in Germany, told the magazine government representatives had said: "We have to inject European culture with Turkish."
What if Europeans don't want to be injected with Turkish culture? Apparently Islam is to be forced upon them, according to Erdogan as he follows the Islam script.
    Erdogan told the meeting countries that did not allow dual citizenship violated basic rights and also likened Islamophobia to anti-Semitism.
        Participants told Spiegel that Erdogan repeated elements of his widely criticised speech in Cologne in 2008 in which he said: "Assimilation is a crime against humanity."
Turks should stay home then if they are so attached to their own culture. Europeans and other civilized people don't want Turkish immigrants' honor killings and totalitarian "religion."
    And anyway, immigration without assimilation is invasion.

•   •   •  

59% Say U.S. Should Continue To Build Fence on U.S.-Mexico Border  [3/18/10]
Rasmussen pollsters find continued support for a fence against Mexico.

    The Obama administration announced on Tuesday that it is halting funding of the fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, but 59% of Americans believe the United States should continue to build that fence.
        A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 26% of adults disagree and think the building of the fence should be stopped. Fifteen percent (15%) more are not sure.
        Support for the fence has been at this level for several years. In January of last year, 60% favored the continued building of the fence to help stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking. In August 2007, 56% felt that way.
        Following this weeks shooting deaths of U.S. consulate personnel in Mexico, 49% say they are more concerned about drug violence along the border than illegal immigration. Thirty-nine percent (39%) remain more concerned about illegal immigration. This is consistent with findings in January 2009 amid news reports of escalating drug violence in Mexico.

•   •   •  

Poizner, Whitman: GOP candidates' first debate  [3/17/10]
I've been trying to screen out the California gubernatorial election because I'm already sick of billionaire candidate Meg Whitman's heavy play of her saccharine TV commercials. She has the big money, and so is able to flood the airwaves with her simplistic nostrums yet polls show her to be the leading Republican candidate and she is tied with Democrat Jerry Brown. Depressing all around.
    She is painfully similar in many ways to the current Governor Schwarzenegger, who thought his movie star charm and sensible ideas could cut through the thicket of entrenched powers of Sacramento, such as the rapacious public employees' unions and Democratic Party. In the end he was co-opted and left the state worse off than he found it.
    Why do rich businesspeople think that government is like their companies, where employees meekly obey the boss' every wish? She may be a fine CEO, but it's not the same job. SacraDemco won't lay down for her any more than it did for Arnold, despite his efforts at outreach (which have included cigars and schnapps).
    Another naive moderate Republican with no political experience will quickly be ground into road kill by the usual suspects of the California capital.
    With that somber introduction, let's move to Monday's debate between Meg Whitman and her Republican opponent Steve Poizner, and an interesting topic came up...

    But among the most dramatic differences between the two were their views on the potentially incendiary issue of illegal immigration.
        Poizner, continuing a potentially risky strategy in recent days, repeated his calls for a return to the approach to immigration in Proposition 187, passed by voters in 1994, which called for denying undocumented immigrants, including children, the right to state-funded services such as education and health care. A federal court later struck down the measure.
        "We have to stop illegal immigration," he said. "The only way to do it is to turn the magnets off, by ending, once and for all, all the taxpayer-funded benefits for people who are here illegally," he said. "Meg doesn't want to go that far; I support Prop. 187; she opposes it."
        Whitman declared herself "100 percent against amnesty, no exceptions," saying, "We haven't done what we need to do to secure this border."
        But she said she did not want to make children accountable for "the sins of their fathers" and didn't support efforts to penalize them. She called instead for "holding employers accountable for hiring undocumented workers," and proposed "a more efficient system" to verify their identity before they are hired.
        She also argued that the state should "eliminate sanctuary cities," calling San Francisco "the most egregious example" of a policy that the next governor shouldn't let stand.
Such is the level of political discourse among elite California Republicans, where the guy who is down is forced to tell the truth about illegal immigrations fearful cost.

•   •   •  

Dick Armey: Tom Tancredo is destructive to Republicans on immigration  [3/16/10]
The goals of the Tea Party movement -- lower taxes, decreased spending, responsible government -- are not possible with open borders and immigration anarchy.
    Plus, polls consistently show that the American people want immigration to be legal, controlled and reduced.
    But arrogant Beltway suit Dick Armey thinks he is entitled to speak for the Tea Party movement and denigrate Tom Tancredo. The MSM loves to position him as the big leader, but when has he put himself in front of actual Tea Party people? The guy is a craven parasite who thinks he can ride grassroots patriots to a position of power, while he protects his fat cat pals in the process.

    Former Republican House leader Dick Armey said staunch anti-immigration opponents such as Rep. Tom Tancredo are destructive to Republicans  and are alienating a "natural" constituency that could help the party win elections.
        "Who in the Republican Party was the genius that said that now that we have identified the fastest-growing voting demographic in America, let's go out and alienate them?" Armey said, referencing Hispanics, during a luncheon in Washington at the National Press Club.
        "When I was the majority leader, I saw to it that Tom Tancredo did not get on the stage because I saw how destructive he was," Armey said of the Colorado congressman and 2008 Republican presidential candidate known for his opposition to illegal immigration.
        Armey said "this is a nation of immigrants" and "if you love America, love freedom" and if you will work and pay taxes, you should be welcome in the country.
That's the innumerate, anti-borders position of many libertarians. Armey and his ilk think whoever wants to enter America should be permitted. This is a reversal of the traditional view that the American people should decide which and how many others are allowed the privilege of living in the United States.
    The open-border view also ignores the skyrocketing world population (now closing in on 7 billion), where 5 billion live in nations poorer than Mexico.
    In fact, to Armey the biggest problem is not being able to admit foreigners fast enough, as he explained to rock-dumb Charlie Rose.
    ARMEY: I tell you, I was for example not really happy to see Tom Tancredo calling himself a tea party guy.
        ROSE: Because?
        ARMEY: His harsh and uncharitable and mean-spirited attitude on the immigration issue.
        ROSE: But what do you say to that? Do you speak out against that?
        ARMEY: Absolutely have, and Ive taken a lot of heat for it too. But first of all, were a nation of immigrants and a wonderful tradition. People have marched with their feet to America looking for freedom. Our biggest problem in immigration is we have a dysfunctional INS. If the government would do its job with some degree of efficiency 
        ROSE: So the enforcement idea is what you would like to see more?
        ARMEY: I mean look you drive by any INS office in America, and the one I see is mostly in Dallas, Texas. At 5:00 in the morning you see a line of four blocks long of people who want to be here and be here legally that are having the window slammed in their face and callous indifference by an inept agency.
Here's the YouTube version of his Charley Rose diatribe...

See Roy Beck's thorough analysis of Armey's anti-sovereignty record in Congress: Dick Armey Stuns His Tea Partiers With Open-Borders Advocacy.

    It is good that Armey is owning up to what we knew on the inside: Dick Armey used his power as House Majority Leader to promote amnesties for illegal aliens and to block the efforts of "back-benchers" in his Party to combat illegal immigration. Armey is a key reason why it took so long until the majority of Republican votes in Congress became anti-illegal-immigration.
NumbersUSA helpfully posted the phone numbers of Armey's organization FreedomWorks so citizens can call and express their concerns about his perfidy: 1.888.564.6273 and 202.783.3870.

•   •   •  

Jake the hero: Judge praises ROTTWEILER who stopped illegal immigrant from raping woman in park  [3/16/10]
From Britain: Good doggie!

    A judge has praised a hero dog after he chased off a sex attacker who indecently assaulted a woman in a park.
        Two-year-old Rottweiler Jake was on his usual evening walk with owner Liz Maxted-Bluck, 49, when he heard screaming from a dense woodland and ran to investigate.
        He found Esmahil Adhami, 18, molesting a woman he had dragged into the undergrowth.
        The fearless hound lunged at the illegal immigrant and chased him away - and then circled the sobbing victim 'like a guard dog' until the police arrived.
        Jake, a former rescue dog, has now been commended for his actions by a judge who jailed Iranian-born Adhami for four years after he was convicted of sexual assault.
        Sentencing at Warwick Crown Court, Judge Christopher Hodson said: 'I have not the slightest doubt that if that dog had not come bounding up, worse would have happened to that lady.'
Stories like this are one reason why Westerners like dogs and don't like Muslims -- who incidentally hate dogs.

Below, rescue Rottweiler Jake and his proud owner Liz Maxted-Bluck

•   •   •  

Culture clash: European art provokes Muslims  [3/15/10]
What is it with the liberal media? Didn't they once like edgy art, like Piss Christ? Now that Mohamed's minions are in a murderous frenzy, the scribbler class is concerned about their fe-e-e-elings.

    With the West locked in conflicts across the Muslim world, why would anyone throw fuel on the fire?
The above sentence is the opener for a news article, if you can imagine. Oh wait, it's from the Associated Press. Never mind.
    Interestingly, a CNN reporter used almost the same opening gambit in an interview with artist Lars Vilks, asking, "You set out deliberately to provoke or insult Muslims?"

Continuing with the AP article...

    A small group of Europeans have been doing just that - provoking death plots and at least one murder by turning out art that derides the Prophet Muhammad and the Quran in the name of Western values.
        Behind the scenes is something bigger: a rising European unease with a rapidly growing Muslim minority, and the spreading sense that the continent has become a front in a clash of civilizations.
        Recent events - including surprising electoral success by an anti-Islamic Dutch party, moves to ban veils in France and minarets in Switzerland, and arrests in Ireland and the U.S. this week in an alleged plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist - are signs of the rising tensions.
        Swedish artist Lars Vilks says he was defending freedom of speech when he produced a crude black-and-white drawing of Muhammad with a dog's body in 2007. Authorities say that set him in the crosshairs of an assassination plot by extremists including Colleen LaRose, a 46-year-old Muslim convert from Pennsylvania who dubbed herself "Jihad Jane."
        Vilks said in a recent interview with The Associated Press that he wasn't interested in offending Muslims as an end in itself, but wanted to show that he could make provocative art about any topic he chose. "There is nothing so holy you can't offend it," he said.
        The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten also said it was defending free speech in 2005 when it printed 12 cartoons of Muhammad, one in a bomb-shaped turban, setting off protests and the torching of Western embassies in several Muslim countries. And bottle-blond Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders said he was promoting European values by producing Fitna, a 15-minute film that lays images of the Sept. 11 attacks alongside verses from the Quran. The film was shown in Britain's House of Lords this month.
        The cases are extreme, but millions of moderate Europeans also are re-examining the meaning of the liberal values widely cherished across the continent. How, many are asking, should a liberal society respectfully deal with immigrants who often espouse illiberal values? Should the immigrants adopt the values of their adoptive land - or, to the contrary, should society change to accommodate the newcomers who now form part of it?
Hello! Is this journalist seeking to overturn the centuries-long social contract of immigration? "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" was first recorded in medieval Latin (si fueris Romae, Romano vivito more) and attributed to the fourth century Bishop of Milan, Ambrose.
    If retro cultures (like Islam) get to lay their stamp on the West, then immigration should be ended in all civilized nations (which is not a bad idea anyway).

•   •   •  

Juarez Mayor: US money to pay for GPS radios  [3/15/10]
Why are American taxpayers required to buy fancy electronic gizmos for corrupt Mexican police? Fifteen million dollars would buy a lot of spiffy new weapons for our outgunned border officers.

    Juarez Mayor José Reyes Ferriz announced during the weekend that the U.S. government will provide $15 million to increase security in his city, which has been plagued with violence responsible for 4,700 deaths since January 2008.
        Reyes Ferriz said U.S. authorities approved the funding for the purchase of digital radios with Global Positioning System, or GPS, a satellite-based navigation system, for police units in Juárez.
        The $15 million is part of an initiative U.S Ambassador to Mexico Carlos Pascual supported during his visit to Juárez two months ago, said Jaime Torres, a spokesman for the City of Juárez.
I've been saying for years that Mexico Is Rich and can afford to pay for its own internal programs without Uncle Sucker's assistance.
    How Rich Is Mexico? It consistently ranks around #14 in world GDP. The country is very wealthy, although many of its people are poor. The richest man on earth is a Mexican, namely Carlos Slim (for the second time; the first being in 2007).
    Even in today's disastrous economic climate, Washington continues its Mexi-spendathon by shoveling money we don't have to a corrupt neighbor that doesn't need it. The Bush administration's ill considered Merida Initiative sent $1.4 billion to the narco-state. Now Obama is "seeking an additional $310 million for drug enforcement aid for Mexico in its 2011 budget" according to the Washington Post. The same article (February 24) mentions seriously increased US involvement: U.S. to embed agents in Mexican law enforcement units battling cartels in Juarez.
    Can this be connected with the recent cartel hit of the American-government workers in Juarez? Were the drug gangs sending a message to Washington to back off? Maybe.

•   •   •  

A POLITICO survey: The tea party's least favorite Republicans  [3/14/10]
Hmm, who might show up as unliked by populist conservatives? Maybe Ted Kennedy's best pal, the friend of illegal Mexicans and the enemy of American sovereignty?
    That's the one!

    In a survey of more than three dozen grass-roots tea party leaders from 29 states, the partys 2008 presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain, was the Republican most cited as a disappointment. Asked which three national Republicans they were most unhappy with, McCain was named by 18 respondents.
        Other congressional Republicans considered disappointments included moderate-leaning Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine, as well as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California.

•   •   •  

Schism hits church  [3/14/10]
The social breakdown of congregations must be a common source of pain for many parishioners of churches which have embraced the dark side of supporting the illegal immigration of Mexicans et al.
    What's the point of attending a church where many don't even speak English? A major aspect of being a church member is the fellowship with others who share your values. If all you want is a sermon you can find that on television or the radio.
    Many people living in modern societies -- where increasing time is spent in individual activities -- are starving for community. One indication was the surprising success of Robert Putnam's 1995 book Bowling Alone with its message of the natural human desire for connection with others. Prof. Putnam later found that diversity decreases trust and reduces social capital, a finding which he downplayed in the service of multicultural ideology.

    Elaine Cartwright has been a loyal parishioner at her Fontana church for 50-plus years.
        Her three sons were altar boys there. All four of her kids received their First Communion and were confirmed there.
        Her father donated the statue of Jesus that is placed on the left side of the sanctuary during Easter season.
        She and her late husband contributed $1,000 to build the social hall.
        But she doesn't feel part of the church anymore.
        As she tries to cope with the changing demographics, Cartwright said she feels out of place in a church where Spanish is now as common as English.
        "My church isn't my church anymore," said Cartwright, a 72-year-old Fontana resident who attends Blessed John XXIII Parish.
        Cartwright isn't the only one opposed to the changes taking place in the Catholic Church. [...]
        [Carolynn] DeJarnette said the loss of fellowship left her feeling cold and isolated.
        "You used to go to the hall after church and have coffee and doughnuts," DeJarnette said. "Now, you have menudo and tamales and everybody speaks Spanish. We used to have a church carnival to raise funds. Now, we have a fiesta."
        DeJarnette said she has nothing against Latinos, pointing out that two of her grandchildren are of Mexican descent.
        Her problem is the church's support for a new immigration policy that would allow illegal immigrants to become legal residents and earn a path to citizenship.
The Catholic Church has long been the leader of the misguided religious community in pursuing amnesty for lawbreaking illegal aliens which will directly harm many law-abiding citizens.

•   •   •  

Targeted by Drug Cartels, Reporters in Mexico Retreat  [3/13/10]
The New York Times informs us of the increasingly danger to reporters in Mexico who cover the narcos. Mexico is already one of the most hazardous countries for journalists, where three have been killed so far this year.

    Traffickers have gone after the media with a vengeance in these strategic border towns where drugs are smuggled across by the ton. They have shot up newsrooms, kidnapped and killed staff members and called up the media regularly with threats that were not the least bit veiled. Back off, the thugs said. Do not dare print our names. We will kill you the next time you publish a photograph like that.
        "They mean what they say," said one of the many terrified journalists who used to cover the police beat in Reynosa. "I'm censoring myself. There's no other way to put it. But so is everybody else."
        When they are not issuing threats, journalists say, the drug runners are buying off reporters with everything from cash to romps with prostitutes. The traffickers are not always so press shy. When they post banners on bridges expounding on their twisted view of the world or commit some particularly gory crime, they often seek out media coverage.
        But not now. And the current news blackout along the border has only amplified fears, as false rumors of impending shootouts circulate unchecked, prompting many parents to pull their children from school and businesses to close.
As long as the border remains essentially open, we can expect the Mexican cultural pathology to enter this country along with the excess workers which it exports so effectively. Drug war assassinations and kidnapping for ransom have moved to the United States, and we can only expect Mexican crime diversity to expand. Perhaps if some American journalists get wacked by the Mexican drugsters the MSM will wake up.

Here's a report from Al Jazeera about Reynosa: Journalists targeted in Mexico border town.

The clip below includes the information that the US will embed American drug agents within Mexican units: U.S. Agents To Join Mexico Drug War. It also notes that President Obama will send Mexico an additional $300 million for the drug war in addition to the $1.4 billion sent by President Bush in the Merida Initiative, even though wealthy Mexico can easily afford to pay for its own policing. That tax money could build a lot of tall fencing or buy some nice new guns for border sheriffs.

•   •   •  

January Welfare Costs for Children of Illegal Aliens Exceeded $50 Million  [3/12/10]
Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich periodically releases information about the financial drain which illegal aliens cause in his town. Here's the most recent...

    March 9, 2010Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich released figures from the Department of Public Social Services showing that illegal aliens' children born in the United States collected over $50 million in welfare benefits (CALWORKS + Food Stamps) for the month of January.
        Approximately 23% of all CALWORKS and food stamp issuances in Los Angeles County are made to parents who reside in the United States illegally and collect benefits for their native-born children.
        "When you add this to $350 million for public safety and nearly $500 million for healthcare, the total cost for illegal immigrants to County taxpayers far exceeds $1 billion a year  not including the millions of dollars for education," said Antonovich.

•   •   •  

60% Say Their Kids Textbooks Place Political Correctness Above Accuracy  [3/11/10]
All parents should be checking their kids' textbooks for PC BS.

    Sixty percent (60%) of Americans with children in elementary or secondary school say most school textbooks are more concerned with presenting information in a politically correct manner than in accuracy.
        A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 28% of adults with children in the schools disagree and think most textbooks are more concerned with accurately providing information.
        Among all Americans, regardless of whether they have children in the schools or not, 27% say accuracy is paramount, while 55% disagree and believe most textbooks are more concerned about political correctness. Eighteen percent(18%) are undecided.
        Thirty-one percent (31%) of adults say most school history textbooks portray American history accurately. But 43% say most U.S. history textbooks are not accurate, and another 26% are not sure.

•   •   •  

Immigration Reform Now: An Emotional Plea to Obama  [3/11/10]
The tears of children are a normal element in the sob stories that Raza contrives for the press. Last year, Rep. Luis Gutierrez toured 16 cities with his sob story extravaganza, which featured tearful kiddies complaining about deportation splitting families. (See my first-hand report from San Franciso, Speaker Pelosi Boards Gutierrez Amnesty Express.)
    In today's example, tears appear in the first sentence, indicating how the frenetic demands for amnesty are increasing, as anti-borders forces drag out the kiddies and declare their parent-caused misery to be reason to end immigration enforcement. The message: junk American law and sovereignty because lawbreaking foreigners cause anguish in their own families.
    According to that premise, we should free all the prisoners. Every guy in a striped suit has a sad family somewhere.

    Her words reduced us to tears, literally. Beatrice Vasques, a 15-year-old schoolgirl born in LA told her story on C-Span. Along with at least 100,000 children who have lost a parent due to stepped up deportation of immigrants in the US, she came home from school one day to find her mom arrested and deported by immigration officers.
        In a press conference at the National Press Club, community organizations from around the country came to DC to appeal to President Obama to pass what he promised during his campaign, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and to fix a broken system. They claim that he has not kept his promise. They say that during the first year of the Obama administration, more deportation has taken place than in the Bush years. 387,000 immigrants were deported last year, and many of these have native-born American children.
If you want to share in the sniffles, you can watch the C-span broadcast of the news conference and see Beatrice at around 6:40 perform her sob story stuff, which was obviously written by an adult.
    I'm saving my sympathy for the millions of displaced American workers and the crime victims of illegal aliens.

•   •   •  

Unemployment rises in 30 states in January  [3/10/10]
The continuing ugly unemployment numbers of jobless Americans make the case more than ever for an immigration moratorium.

    Unemployment rose in 30 states in January, the Labor Department said Wednesday, evidence that jobs remain scarce in most regions of the country.
        The data is somewhat better than December, when 43 states reported higher unemployment rates, but worse than November, when rates fell in most states.
        Still, five states reported record-high joblessness in January: California, at 12.5 percent; South Carolina, 12.6 percent; Florida, 11.9 percent; North Carolina, 11.1 percent; and Georgia, 10.4 percent.
        Michigan's unemployment rate is still the nation's highest, at 14.3 percent, followed by Nevada, with 13 percent and Rhode Island at 12.7 percent. South Carolina and California round out the top five.

•   •   •  

Lou Dobbs on Illegal Immigration  [3/10/10]
Lou Dobbs and Bill O'Reilly are still performing their familiar duet of praise for immigration "compromise," only this time with the added theme of tamper-proof identification.
    According to Dobbs, it's only the annoying "far right" who don't want to reward lawbreaking aliens with amnesty. Americans of various political persuasions who believe laws should be enforced will be surprised to find they are so characterized.

•   •   •  

Some Muslims, fearing backlash, worry about intent of Census forms  [3/10/10]
Is there no end to Muslims complaints about American life? Now it's the Census, which is a requirement for every resident.

    The millions of blue forms being mailed this month in the first census count since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, do not ask about religion. But the idea of answering any questions posed by the government makes some Muslims uneasy, so community leaders are worried that many may avoid the Census altogether.
        "A lot of people, they have the concern," said Raja Mahmood, 50, a Manassas taxi driver who moved to the United States from Pakistan 25 years ago. "The majority of Muslims, they don't want to draw attention."
        Although he plans to fill out the census form -- and the Falls Church mosque he attends, Dar Al-Hijrah, has encouraged it -- Mahmood said many Muslims he knows are wary about why the government, which treated them with suspicion in the years after the terrorist strike, wants to collect information about them.
        "They can look for the count of how many people live here, and that's a good thing," he said, "but God knows what is in their heart." [...]
        Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, director of outreach at Dar Al-Hijrah, said the fear can run so deep that some Muslims were wary of getting government-funded flu shots after rumors that they were offered only to Muslims or used to experiment on minorities. "So if you think like that, then you're not going to participate in the Census," he said.
Wouldn't Muslims be happier living among others who are culturally similar and share their values? It would be better for all concerned.

•   •   •  

Seven held over Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks plot  [3/09/10]
Here is today's example of how respect for free speech is not a Muslim value. Not only that, but persons who insult the prophet should be killed, according to Islam's special books.
    (Nice that this Australian newspaper gets to the identity of the bad guys straightaway in the first paragraph, with no PC pussy-footing.)

    IRISH police arrested seven Muslims suspected of conspiracy to murder over a reported plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist who drew the Prophet Mohammed with the body of a dog, they said.
        The four men and three women were arrested in the southern Irish towns of Cork and Waterford following an international operation.
        A police source confirmed press reports that they were Muslims arrested over an alleged plot to assassinate Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who has a $100,000 bounty on his head from an Al Qaeda-linked group.
        "The operation ... is part of an investigation into a conspiracy to commit a serious offense (namely, conspiracy to murder an individual in another jurisdiction)," said a statement from Ireland's national police service. [...]
        Swedish newspaper Nerikes Allehanda published a cartoon on August 18, 2007 depicting the Prophet Mohammed as a dog to illustrate an editorial on self-censorship and freedom of expression and religion.
        The cartoon prompted protests by Muslims in the western town of Oerebro, where the newspaper is based, and death threats for Vilks.
        An Al-Qaeda front organisation offered $150,000 to anyone who slit his throat or $100,000 for his murder by other means, while they also offered $50,000 to kill newspaper editor in chief Ulf Johansson.
        A series of 12 cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed published in Denmark's biggest daily led to riots in several Muslim countries in early 2006.
How can the West, with its reverence for free speech as integral to democracy, ever expect to assimilate millions from a culture so hostile to our basic values?

Anyway, Vilks' four-legged Mohammed cartoon is below.

As it happens, the Sons of Allah get hot and bothered by cartoons that mock their unique religion rather frequently. In January, Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard had a close call when he was attacked in his home by an axe-toting Somali: Panic room saved artist Kurt Westergaard from Islamist assassin.
    Westergaard drew perhaps the most famous of the controversial Mohammed cartoons printed in Denmark, the one with the turban bomb.

•   •   •  

TV Ad: High Immigration Impacts America's Unemployed  [3/09/10]
Here's a new advertisement that addresses the hardship that mass immigration causes citizen workers.

•   •   •  

California Man Took College Exams for Middle Eastern Students, ICE Officials Say  [3/09/10]
One of these days America's luck is going to run out, because luck is all that protects us from the monsters of the world -- certainly not Homeland Security.
    After 9/11, student visas were supposed to have gotten greater oversight to prevent scams, but not so much, it turns out because universities like foreign students who write the big tuition checks.

    Daniel Higgins doesn't look like a Middle Eastern student, but officials say he routinely portrayed himself as one for almost a decade, getting paid up to $1,500 per student to attend their classes and take exams so they could keep their visas current and remain in the U.S.
        Officials say that records seized from Higgins' home in Laguna Niguel, Calif., show that more than 100 students from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates hired him to do their classwork and take their tests.
        Higgins, 46, pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit immigration fraud when he appeared in Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana on Monday.
        Six others -- Mohammed Alnuaim, Abdullah Alhogail, Khalid Almenaibi, Saeed Alfalahi, Ibrahim Almansoori and Mohamed Almehairi -- were also arrested Monday and appeared with Higgins before a U.S. magistrate. All were charged with immigration fraud. [...]
        More than 220,000 foreign students study each year in American colleges and universities, including about 15,500 from the Middle East.
(Remember that President Bush set up a program to bring Saudi students to colleges in this country to expose them to American values -- around 20,000 over four years.)

•   •   •  

5-term Sierra Club chief, Edgar Wayburn, dies  [3/08/10]
The death of Dr. Edgar Wayburn, one of America's great conservationists, is a sad reminder of how the environmental movement has devolved into leftist uselessness. The traditional Sierra Club -- once a bipartisan defender of wilderness, which Wayburn led starting in 1961 -- is long gone, replaced by a leftward leaning organization that promotes diversity more than wild places and supports open borders to keep the hispanics in its liberal "green" coalition happy.

    One day in the late 1940s, a physician named Edgar Wayburn gazed across San Francisco Bay at the Marin Headlands and Mount Tamalpais, two of his favorite hiking areas, and marveled that no cities or suburbs interrupted the greenery.
        "I wondered," he told a reporter many years later, "how long that miracle would last."
        Dr. Wayburn went on to devote his life to preserving such natural wonders - a pursuit that led him to serve five terms as the president of the Sierra Club. He remained an honorary president when he died Friday night in his San Francisco home at age 103, surrounded by family.
        "He has saved more of our wilderness than any other person alive," President Bill Clinton said in 1999 when he awarded Dr. Wayburn the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor.
        It was long before that, in a postwar period of seemingly unstoppable suburban development, that Dr. Wayburn launched the first of his many long-odds preservation projects.
        With the help of the Sierra Club, local conservationists, and his own tireless lobbying of state legislators, he won approval of acquisitions that gradually but substantially expanded Mount Tamalpais State Park, from 870 acres in 1948 to 6,300 acres by 1972.
        Other achievements included the Point Reyes National Seashore, the nation's first major metropolitan-area national park, and the Bay Area's environmental crown jewel, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which encompasses 200,000 acres and nearly 60 miles of shoreline from Point Reyes to the Peninsula.
        And 13 years of work by Dr. Wayburn and his colleagues won passage of a 1980 law preserving 80 million acres of parks, refuges and wilderness in Alaska.
        He was the consummate volunteer activist, holding a full-time internal medical practice until his final years, and devoting nights, weekends and vacation hours to environmental work. It was mostly done quietly and in obscurity.
These days, the Sierra Club is stuck on globalism, rather that defending America's natural heritage.
    America: taking it to the limit? (San Diego Tribune, August 6, 2006)

    "Some people ... want the Sierra Club to have a position that is more U.S.-centric," said Stephen Mills, the club's international program director in Washington, D.C. "We feel that the entire planet is worth protecting, not the U.S. over anywhere else."

Attitudes like that have resulted in formerly important issues like wilderness preservation being demoted or ignored entirely. One example is how the Sierra Club has been silent about violent Mexican drug gangs desecrating national parks like Yosemite and Sequoia, where they are growing large swaths of marijuana with poisonous chemicals. The major environmentalist groups should be pressuring Congress for pro-active measures to preserve the parks, but they are notable by their absence.
    The Sierra Club committed an Enron-level scandal that was conveniently overlooked by the somnambulent MSM, namely secretly accepting $100 million from Wall Street investor David Gelbaum on the condition that mass immigration not be connected with environmental degradation. In The Man Behind the Land (LA Times, Oct 27, 2004), Gelbaum was quoted as saying, "I did tell Carl Pope in 1994 or 1995 that if they ever came out anti-immigration, they would never get a dollar from me."
    As a result, grassroots reformist members who wanted a return to the Club's earlier position of population reduction rather than open borders were falsely branded as racists.

For more on Dr. Wayburn, see Harold Gilliam's excellent piece from 2004: The Quiet Conservationist -- Without Dr. Edgar Wayburn there would be no Point Reyes, Marin Headlands, Crystal Springs Lakes and many other wild parks

    As a former five-term president of the Sierra Club -- now, at 97, the club's honorary president -- Wayburn has led decades long campaigns to save not only Bay Area open space but more than 100 million acres of American wilderness and parklands elsewhere on the continent: redwoods, boreal forests, wild rivers, glacial valleys, coastlines and invaluable enclaves of nature in metropolitan regions.
Below, the Marin Headlands, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area

•   •   •  

Lavish coming-of-age parties sign of Latinos' spending power  [3/08/10]
This friendly article about quinceanera celebrates one of the most retro cultural practices of latino culture. A 15-year-old girl gets a very expensive party that announces her adult availability. Often, the parents spend thousands of dollars that could better be put into a college fund -- assuming of course the girl graduates from high school and has higher aspiration for her future. And avoiding teen pregnancy -- 51 percent of Hispanic teens get pregnant before age 20.

    Edith Paniagua had a tiara, golden gown and bling befitting a princess. What she needed was a prince, and she took no chances on her quinceanera, the traditional 15th birthday bash for Hispanic girls.
        Her prince came custom-ordered, a professional dancer who looked like a Backstreet Boy in a tux. He and Edith waltzed as her classmates shrieked with delight. The theme of the evening was "Beauty and the Beast."
        Over time, the quinceanera has become more and more extravagant, with some now topping $40,000. Among the latest flourishes that might seem especially over-the-top is the use of a professional choreographer, who makes it all look like a Broadway play or MTV video, posted to YouTube within minutes of the finale.
        The parties, and the angst over paying for them, illustrate how the Latino community is enjoying a boom in spending power even while it deals with stubborn, unmet needs. Because of those challenges, some community leaders have declared it foolish to pay so much for one night, especially for families struggling to make ends meet.
        Patricia Paniagua, Edith's mother, says it is a little more complicated. Her family wrestled with how to pay for the $12,000 party, which drew 260 guests to a Darien banquet hall.
        But Paniagua said the event had an even larger significance as a milestone of how far the family has come in 15 years, from surviving on a factory job to owning a landscaping business in the suburbs.
        "This is the party we wanted, because we have a lot to celebrate," she said.

•   •   •  

Hassan lawyers eye psych defense  [3/07/10]
What would violent Muslims residing in the West do without the insanity defense? A guy goes jihad, headchops his wife for not being a compliant slave and the lawyers naturally pull out the faithful old chestnut: he's nuts!
    The subject in this case is the Islam TV impresario Muzzammil Hassan who beheaded his wife Aasiya because she wanted a divorce.
    To be charitable, cultural norms of Islam are so barbaric that they do seem crazy to average Westerners.

    Attorneys for Muzzammil S. "Mo" Hassan Friday said the media and public have misconstrued Hassan's actions in the beheading of his estranged wife, Aasiya Zubair Hassan.
        Many have wrongly come to regard Hassan as an Islamic terrorist, and the general public is suffering from "Islamophobia," defense attorneys Julie Atti Rogers and Frank M. Bogulski said after a court appearance Friday.
        Hassan is "a nonpracticing Muslim," Rogers said, while Bogulski stressed that Hassan "doesn't pray five times a day" as an obedient Muslim would.
        Hassan, 44, is accused of killing and beheading his 37-year-old wife on Feb. 12, 2009, soon after she began divorce proceedings against him.
Of course, it doesn't matter if "Mo" didn't prey to Mecca five times a day; he is culturally Muslim, as shown by his founding of a Muslim television station (Bridges TV) to "portray muslims in a more positive light."
    And if the public is suffering from "Islamophobia" it is because of the behavior of murderous Muslims like "Mo" Hassan (who seem to be remarkably common). Anyway, the reasonable fear of hostile Islam is a sign of sanity, not a symptom of bigotry.
    The two attorneys also said they will begin court action to try to get Hassan's two children returned from Pakistan, where they were taken by Aasiya Zubair Hassan's relatives.
        Hassan fears the children "will be radicalized" in Pakistan, Bogulski said.
Right, the headchopper dad who killed their mom is somehow a better influence than the "extreme" Islam in Pakistan.
    Interestingly, long-time Islam scholar Daniel Pipes reported that Hassan said he beheaded Aasiya so she could not enter paradise. Only with the Religion of Peace can a man be so infinitely vindictive.

•   •   •  

Geert Wilders: Speech House of Lords, London, Friday the 5th of March 2010   [3/07/10]
The courageous defender of Western Civilization spoke recently to Britain's upper house and showed his controversial (i.e. truthful) film Fitna, which he called a victory for free speech, particularly after being turned away from London's Heathrow Airport last year in a previous attempt to show his short documentary.
    Below is an excerpt of Wilders' speech.

    Ladies and gentlemen, not far from here stands a statue of the greatest Prime Minister your country ever had. And I would like to quote him here today: "Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. No stronger retrograde force exists in the World. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step (...) the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome."  These words are from none other than Winston Churchill wrote this in his book 'The River War' from 1899.
        Churchill was right.
        Ladies and gentlemen, I don't have a problem and my party does not have a problem with Muslims as such. There are many moderate Muslims. The majority of Muslims are law-abiding citizens and want to live a peaceful life as you and I do. I know that. That is why I always make a clear distinction between the people, the Muslims, and the ideology, between Islam and Muslims. There are many moderate Muslims, but there is no such thing as a moderate Islam.
        Islam strives for world domination. The Quran commands Muslims to exercise jihad. The Quran commands Muslims to establish shariah law. The Quran commands Muslims to impose Islam on the entire world.
        As former Turkish Prime Minister Erbakan said: "The whole of Europe will become Islamic. We will conquer Rome". End of quote.
        Libyan dictator Gaddafi said: "There are tens of millions of Muslims in the European continent today  and their number is on the increase. This is the clear indication that the European continent will be converted into Islam. Europe will one day soon be a Muslim continent". End of quote. Indeed, for once in his life, Gaddafi was telling the truth. Because, remember: mass immigration and demographics is destiny!
        Islam is merely not a religion, it is mainly a totalitarian ideology. Islam wants to dominate all aspects of life, from the cradle to the grave. Shariah law is a law that controls every detail of life in a Islamic society. From civic- and family law to criminal law. It determines how one should eat, dress and even use the toilet. Oppression of women is good, drinking alcohol is bad.
        I believe that Islam is not compatible with our Western way of life. Islam is a threat to Western values. The equality of men and women, the equality of homosexuals and heterosexuals, the separation of church and state, freedom of speech, they are all under pressure because of islamization. Ladies and gentlemen: Islam and freedom, Islam and democracy are not compatible. It are opposite values.
So much honesty about Islam has required 24/7 protection for Wilders, a member of the Dutch parliament. His visit to London sparked both protests (by Muslims and leftists) and support. But his message is gaining currency, as shown by his party's good showing in the recent election.
    Below is a one-minute clip of his March 5 press conference, in which he characterized Islam as a "retarded culture" with a "fascist ideology" and called for a "full stop of immigration from Muslim countries to the Netherlands" using democratic means.

•   •   •  

Obama looking to give new life to immigration reform  [3/06/10]
You might think that the worst unemployment since the Great Depression would make the President think twice about legalizing millions of illegal aliens. Amnesty for 10-30 million would make them legal workers competing with citizens for scarce jobs, when there are already six applicants for every available position.
    But Obie may feel that laying the foundation for a permanent Democrat majority is worth the immediate sacrifice of dozens of Dem Senators and Representatives. Plus, a Republican legislature would allow him to blame Congress for his failures, since his carping about Bush is getting stale.

    Despite steep odds, the White House has discussed prospects for reviving a major overhaul of the nation's immigration laws, a commitment that President Obama has postponed once already.
        Obama took up the issue privately with his staff Monday in a bid to advance a bill through Congress before lawmakers become too distracted by approaching midterm elections.
        In the session, Obama and members of his Domestic Policy Council outlined ways to resuscitate the effort in a White House meeting with two senators -- Democrat Charles E. Schumer of New York and Republican Lindsey Graham of South Carolina -- who have spent months trying to craft a bill.
        According to a person familiar with the meeting, the White House may ask Schumer and Graham to at least produce a blueprint that could be turned into legislative language.
        The basis of a bill would include a path toward citizenship for the 10.8 million people living in the U.S. illegally. Citizenship would not be granted lightly, the White House said. Undocumented workers would need to register, pay taxes and pay a penalty for violating the law. Failure to comply might result in deportation.
If previous amnesty bills are any indication, the legislation will be a Christmas tree of goodies and loopholes that will cost the taxpayer big time.

•   •   •  

Calif. jobless rate rises to 12.5 percent in Jan.  [3/05/10]
The employment situation is getting worse in the formerly Golden State...

    California's unemployment rate grew slightly to 12.5 percent in January, the state Employment Development Department reported Friday. But the state also revised its December job numbers to show that about 300,000 additional jobs were lost last month.
        The state's unemployment rate in December was 12.3 percent. Officials had previously reported December's unemployment rate at 12.4 percent, but revised that figure Friday.
        Meanwhile, the national unemployment rate held steady at 9.7 percent

•   •   •  

Swedish hip-hop artist sentenced to 15-years-to-life in prison for Hollywood road rage murder  [3/04/10]
The "Swedish" musician David Jassy is the son of a Gambian father and an Estonian mother who was born in Sweden. As a hip-hop guy visiting Los Angeles, he may have felt obliged to play the gangsta in a late night altercation with jazz pianist John Osnes (pictured) who was unlucky enough to walk in front of Jassy's SUV.

    Under the terms of the mandatory sentence, Jassy, 35, who has been jailed since the incident, will be eligible for parole in 2024, when he is 49. He was convicted last month of the fatal assault on John Osnes, a 55-year-old jazz pianist, during a late-night confrontation at the intersection of Selma Boulevard and Schrader Avenue.
        Witnesses said Osnes, who was on foot, struck the hood of Jassy's rented sport utility vehicle with his hands after the vehicle edged into the crosswalk. Jassy responded, the witnesses said, by leaping from his vehicle, punching Osnes in the face and then kicking him in the head as he bent over.
        Johnson told Jassy he did not believe his claim that Osnes, a tall, thin man, posed a danger to the rapper, his girlfriend and his automobile, which the judge described as "a three-quarter ton gross weight sport utility vehicle."
        Before sentencing, a former partner and friend of Osnes, James Crowley, told the judge he felt the victim's gentle nature was "maligned" by the defense. Osnes would never have pounded his fists violently on the SUV hood, Crowley said, because as a pianist "he valued his hands."
When you open the John Osnes website, a recording of him playing a Gershwin medley comes on. There is other music, plus photos and remembrances of friends and family.

•   •   •  

67% Say Illegal Immigrants Are Major Strain on U.S. Budget  [3/03/10]
Rasmussen pollsters have checked out the public's attitude toward mass immigration and the results are familiar: citizens want our borders secured and our laws enforced because immigration anarchy is a big drain on the taxpayers.

    As the country wrestles with a future of historic-level deficits, 67% of U.S. voters say that illegal immigrants are a significant strain on the U.S. budget.
        A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 23% disagree and do not believe illegal immigration is a strain on the budget.
        Two-out-of-three (66%) voters say the availability of government money and services draw illegal immigrants to the United States. Nineteen percent (19%) think otherwise and do not believe government money and services are a magnet for illegal immigration. Another 15% are not sure.
        These findings help to explain why 68% say gaining control of the border is more important than legalizing the status of undocumented workers already living in the United States. Twenty-six percent (26%) think legalizing illegal immigrants is more important.
        The majority support for controlling the borders has been consistent through several years of surveying.
        Budget documents provided by the Obama administration show that in Fiscal Year 2009 50% of all federal spending went to national defense, Social Security and Medicare. A recent Rasmussen Reports survey shows that only 35% of voters believe that the majority of federal spending goes to just defense, Social Security and Medicare.
        Just 20% say Congress is at least somewhat likely over the next year to pass legislation to gain control of the border and reduce illegal immigration, with a mere four percent (4%) who think its very likely. Seventy-one percent (71%) see congressional action this year to control the border as unlikely, with 47% who say its not very likely and 24% who say its not at all likely.
        On the other hand, 45% believe its at least somewhat likely that Congress in the next year will pass legislation to create a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. This finding includes 10% who say its very likely.
        Forty-seven percent (47%) think its unlikely that Congress will approve legislation in the next year that makes it possible for those who are here illegally to become U.S. citizens. Of that number, nine percent (9%) say its not at all likely.
        This belief that Congress is more likely not to do what the majority of voters favor illustrates why unhappiness with Congress has reached the highest level ever recorded by Rasmussen Reports. Seventy-one percent (71%) of voters now say Congress is doing a poor job, and 63% say it would be better for the country if most congressional incumbents were defeated this November.
        Fifty-six percent (56%) say the policies and practices of the federal government encourage people to enter the United States illegally. Twenty-seven percent (27%) disagree, and 17% are not sure.
        Seventy-five percent (75%) of voters are angry at the governments current policies, up nine points since September.
        A majority of voters across virtually all demographic categories agree that illegal immigrants are a strain on the budget and that they are drawn to America by the availability of government money and services. But there are partisan differences.
        Eighty-three percent (83%) of Republicans and 73% of voters not affiliated with either major party say illegal immigrants are a budget strain. Just 48% of Democrats agree, and nearly as many (40%) disagree.

•   •   •  

17 states to fight dismal college completion rates  [3/03/10]
Many don't finish college because they aren't qualified, because the universities want a diverse campus so ethnic kids are admitted when they shouldn't be. Of course, there are other problems as well, such as the skyrocketing cost and difficulty for poor young people to survive in this economic climate.

    About one in every two Americans who start college never finish, said Jones, who founded Complete College America, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit, last year. [...]
        The campaign's goal: Make sure 60 percent of adults between the ages of 25 and 35 hold an associate or bachelor's degree by 2020, up from the 38 percent that now claim this status. [...]
        The states have also committed to addressing the gap in earning degrees between low-income and minority students and their classmates.
        Nationwide, about half of white students who enter college complete a degree. That compares with about one-third of African American and Hispanic students, said Jeannie Oakes, director of educational equity and scholarship at the Ford Foundation, which is backing the campaign launched this week. [...]
        California State University, the nation's largest four-year system with 23 campuses and more than 400,000 students, announced in January an ambitious initiative to boost the percentage of students who graduate in six years from 46 percent to 54 percent by 2016.

•   •   •  

UK Muslim Leader: Islam Not a Religion of Peace  [3/03/10]
Muslims residing in Britain have become so arrogant about owning the place that they don't bother to lie about their intentions any more. For example, this interview with the head of Islam4UK (now outlawed, supposedly) Anjem Choudary, in which he says, Why no, Islam isn't a religion of peace at all.

    CBN News traveled to London to talk with Anjem Choudary, a leading Muslim radical who says Islamic teachings are what shaped his pro-jihad message.
        Although both George W. Bush and Barack Obama have declared that Islam is a religion of peace, Choudary begs to differ.
        "You can't say that Islam is a religion of peace," Choudary told CBN News. "Because Islam does not mean peace. Islam means submission. So the Muslim is one who submits. There is a place for violence in Islam. There is a place for jihad in Islam."
        Choudary is the leader of Islam4UK, a group recently banned in Britain under the country's counter-terrorism laws. He wants Islamic Sharia law to rule the United Kingdom and is working to make that dream a reality.
        While Islamic radicals in the United States usually prefer to speak in more moderate tones while in public, masking their true agenda, Choudary has no such inhibitions.
        He has praised the 9/11 hijackers and has called for the execution of Pope Benedict. He also stirred controversy recently when video emerged of him converting a 10-year-old British boy to Islam.
How could any sane country continue to allow the immigration of such a determined, historic enemy into its territory? They mean to enslave us yet we remain largely asleep.

•   •   •  

Illegal immigrant sentenced for drunk driving case that killed grandmother  [3/02/10]
A blotto drunk illegal alien who killed the beloved grandmother of three was sentenced to the maximum penalty in Colorado. Barbara Barben (pictured here with her husband Paul) was crossing the street when previously arrested Alberto Alvarado-Barojas ran her down.
    The perp pleaded guilty hoping for leniency, but the judge wasn't having any, noting that the man had the highest blood alcohol level she'd seen in her 12 years on the bench. He complained that his children in Mexico needed him to provide for them, as if that would excuse his crime and convince the judge to release him.

    DENVER - Courtroom spectators in attendance for unrelated cases were brought to tears as Barbara Barben's family described the devastating loss caused by the driver who was so drunk he was nearly comatose behind the wheel.
        Alberto Alvarado-Barojas, who is in the United States illegally, was sentenced to the maximum of 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to vehicular homicide. He is expected to be deported to Mexico upon his release.
        Alvarado-Barojas had a blood alcohol level of at least .393, about five times the legal limit, when he ran a red light on Hampden Avenue and hit Barben on the morning of September 14, 2009.
        Paul A. Barben, Barbara Barben's widower, said there would be no forgiveness.
        "My grandchildren have had their grandmother taken from them. My sons had their mother taken from them," Barben said. "And I lost my best friend."
        "The vision that I go through daily is knowing that my wife's last moments on Earth were spent in anguish and in the indignity of being ground into the gutter by Mr. Barojas," Barben said.
        Christopher Barben, the victim's son, called Alvarado-Barojas "an uninvited guest in my country" who "seems to have a flagrant disregard for the law."
        Another one of Barbara Barben's sons told the judge that Alvarado-Barojas is a "thief."
        "He stole the soul of my family," Paul Barben said. "He also stole a plethora of memories not yet made, memories that will never be made."

•   •   •  

College credit for 9th-grade ethnic studies   [3/01/10]
The city of San Francisco took a step in expanding the idea of ethnic studies as academically valuable, rather than the classroom version of basket weaving.
    Actually, this smells like a scam to convince ethnic kiddies that they are college material even when they are not. Tell a ninth-grader that they already have earned college credits in a touchy-feely class -- yeah, that'll hook 'em into finishing high school. Right.

    San Francisco high school students, just months out of middle school, can start earning San Francisco State college credit this fall through a ninth-grade ethnic studies course. [...]
        At a school board meeting last week, the head of the university's Ethnic Studies program also promised that students would earn up to six college course credits for the high school freshman course - a rare opportunity for a 14-year-old.
        The courses will become part of the California State University's Step to College program, which has offered college credit for high school students across the state since 1985. Most of those courses require students to be juniors or seniors. [...]
        "I don't ever learn about the accomplishments and contributions of the people who look like me and the members of my family," said Balboa High School freshman Monet Cathrina-Rescat Wilson during public comment at Tuesday's school board meeting. "How can I know who I can be if I don't know who I am? Ethnic studies provides me with the foundation to learn who I am."
The bigger picture is that more ethnic students are entering college than ever before, but their graduation rate remains poor. The ugly secret is that university suits get to brag about their diverse campus, based only on admissions, not graduation. Therefore, it's BS when unqualified kids are dumped into a situation above their abilities and don't finish their education as a result. More practically inclined young people would be better off learning a usable skill of a blue-collar nature.
    See my blog item from last summer: "Mentors" Attempt to Drag Unqualified Hispanic Students to College.
    A recent Newsweek article explored that subject: Minority Report.
    The problem is pronounced at public universities. In 2007 (the last year for which Education Trust, a nonprofit advocacy group, has comparative statistics) the University of Wisconsin - Madison -- one of the top five or so "public Ivies" - graduated 81 percent of its white students within six years, but only 56 percent of its blacks. At less-selective state schools, the numbers get worse. During the same time frame, the University of Northern Iowa graduated 67 percent of its white students, but only 39 percent of its blacks. Community colleges have low graduation rates generally -- but rock-bottom rates for minorities. A recent review of California community colleges found that while a third of the Asian students picked up their degrees, only 15 percent of African-Americans did so as well.

•   •   •  

Drug gangs taking over US public lands   [3/01/10]
Usually you don't see this type of news story until the fall during harvest season. It sounds like the problem of park destruction by Mexican criminal marijuana growers is becoming worse.
    The trend is no surprise, since big environmental groups (like the corrupt Sierra Club) have been silent on this issue. The Sierra Club touted itself as an "outreach partner" when Ken Burns' PBS doc about the national parks was shown, but doesn't lift a finger to help when Sequoia and Yosemite have been despoiled by Mexican drug gangs for years.
    The faux greenies apparently consider it politically dangerous to speak ill of criminal Mexicans, which might displease their hispanic Congressional allies of convenience on environmental matters.

AP photo caption: In this photo taken Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2010, Fresno County Sheriff's Lt. Rick Ko walks through a camp site at an abandoned marijuana growing site in the Sequioa National Forest near Fresno, Calif. With billions of dollars in drug profits on the line, Mexican traffickers are expanding their foothold in the domestic marijuana market taking over vast swaths of public lands.

    SEQUOIA NATIONAL FOREST, Calif. (AP) --Not far from Yosemite's waterfalls and in the middle of California's redwood forests, Mexican drug gangs are quietly commandeering U.S. public land to grow millions of marijuana plants and using smuggled immigrants to cultivate them.
        Pot has been grown on public lands for decades, but Mexican traffickers have taken it to a whole new level: using armed guards and trip wires to safeguard sprawling plots that in some cases contain tens of thousands of plants offering a potential yield of more than 30 tons of pot a year.
        "Just like the Mexicans took over the methamphetamine trade, they've gone to mega, monster gardens," said Brent Wood, a supervisor for the California Department of Justice's Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement. He said Mexican traffickers have "supersized" the marijuana trade.
        Interviews conducted by The Associated Press with law enforcement officials across the country showed that Mexican gangs are largely responsible for a spike in large-scale marijuana farms over the last several years.
        Local, state and federal agents found about a million more pot plants each year between 2004 and 2008, and authorities say an estimated 75 percent to 90 percent of the new marijuana farms can be linked to Mexican gangs.
        In 2008 alone, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, police across the country confiscated or destroyed 7.6 million plants from about 20,000 outdoor plots.
I'd really hate to see the parks become no-go zones in the Juarez style.

•   •   •  


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