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February 2005
Putting the fear of God into Holland
"The Dutch have rejected liberalism in response to Islamic immigration."
    More sanity popping up in the Netherlands like tulips in the spring, as evident in this article. It's long but worth reading start to finish because it reviews the history of multiculturalism's downfall in one country. Good stuff.
    In a related matter, the excellent Fjordman blog has posted an analysis of the "Muslim rape epidemic" against Swedish women.

"More Dutch Plan to Emigrate as Muslim Influx Tips Scales" Konings family leaving Netherlands

Above is a remarkably honest headline from the New York Times about the increasing number of Netherlands citizens emigrating from their homeland. The main reason given is the transformation of the country from a peaceful society to a frightening and violent place due to Muslim immigration.
    Ruud Konings, an accountant, is moving his family (shown in the photo above) to Australia, largely because he fears for the safety of his children, who no longer feel secure at school or on the streets.
    "When I grew up, this place was spontaneous and free, but my kids cannot safely cycle home at night," he said. "My son just had his fifth bicycle stolen." Regarding the kids' school, he remarked, "They're afraid of being roughed up by the gangs of foreign kids."

Why Mexicans Don't Read Books
Bookstores and publishers are closing down shop in Mexico. The reason: the population at large simply doesn't support them. "Mexico simply has never had a culture favorable to reading," states Elsa Ramirez, a researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. That's not surprising since "The average Mexican has about five years of education," according to Cato scholar Daniel Griswold.
    In fact the biggest lit story out of Mexico right now is the kerfuffle over a book widely available in school libraries, "100 Corridos: The Heart of Mexican Song." The book has narco-corridos celebrating the drug culture with inspiring lyrics like, "They say they came from the south/In a red car/Carrying 100 kilos of cocaine/Bound for Chicago... "

When Freedom Gets a Death Sentence Hatin Surucu - Honor killing victim
On Feb. 7, a Muslim woman was shot down on the streets of Berlin because her lifestyle was that of a free individual rather than a properly cowering Islamic female. Hatin Sürücü was murdered by her family because "she lived like a German." In fact, she had moved back to Germany with her young son after being sent to an arranged marriage in Turkey. She was studying to be an electrician and had quit wearing a veil.
    "I'm not saying you should murder, but Hatin's lifestyle just didn't fit the way traditional Muslims live," was the remark of a young Turkish male.
    The photo is of a small memorial set up on the spot where she was shot down. There is apparently little Muslim outrage, and the German response is to suggest that the sons of Allah take ethics classes on European values.
    Update: According to 'How many more women have to die before this society wakes up?', there have been six "honor killings" in Berlin in the last four months.

"Mexico's Migrants Profit From Dollars Sent Home"
The above headline is typical New York Times nonsense: the "migrants" are actually being suckered by sending money for civic improvement that should be paid by taxes, not by passing the hat among expatriates. Remittance senders are exhorted to wire even more money home to construct projects of dubious importance, resulting in fancier ghost towns being built.
    By funding the construction of civic projects, expatriate busboys and gardeners are paying for infrastructure which should be financed by Mexico taxing its own people. One way that the Mexican hyper-rich keep their fabulous wealth is by avoiding taxes: Mexico has one of the lowest rates of taxation in the world.
    The American taxpayer becomes involved in this corrupt system by being forced to pay for social services for illegal aliens. Free food stamps, free medical care, free medicine and other taxpayer-financed goodies allow foreigners to send more money home to Mexico. No surprise then that the annual remittance swag totals $17 billion, nearly twice the amount of just four years ago.

Immigration Doubted As a Benefit
It's always nice when high-level economic analysis proves what we can see with our eyes every day: that immigration is a net loss to American taxpayers, and a huge one. If that weren't the case, then immigrant-receiving states like California would be rolling in dough instead of sinking in red ink.
    The Center for Immigration Studies is the source of this study. Among the headlines...
    • In 2002, Americans' net loss from immigration was $68 billion.
    • This $68 billion annual loss represents a $14 billion increase just since 1998. As the size of the immigrant population has continued to increase, so has the loss.
    • While natives lose from immigration, immigrants themselves benefit substantially by coming to America, as do their home countries through remittances.
    In short, immigration, both legal and illegal, serves to redistribute wealth away from middle class Americans and into the hands of foreigners and those who hire them.

Dobbs fires away against outsourcing
LTG rates CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight daily news program as being head and shoulders above all the others. It is, in short, news for grownups, with no brain-numbing mush about the latest celebrity misadventures, divorces and trials. Instead the program presents important information about outsourcing, illegal alien chaos, trade treaties which do not serve the national interest and the continued hammering of the middle class. If you think that all the media is hopelessly politically correct and elitist in outlook, Lou Dobbs will change your mind.

More Africans Enter U.S. Than in Days of Slavery
More than 50,000 legal immigrants from Africa now come to this country each year. They include individuals from Somalia (where the prevalence of child-torturing female genital mutilation is 98 percent), Sudan (in which Muslim extremists are committing genocide now against Christian and animist blacks) and Nigeria (estimated to be one of the most corrupt nations on earth).
    More diversity to be celebrated, right?

Importing Domestic Abuse
The politically correct like to say that there is no difference between different cultural groups when it comes to violence against women. That's ridiculous: of course there is more brutality when it's believed that a man has the right to beat up his wife. Among Hispanics, parents tell daughters that the husband is entitled to hit the wife.
    So we shouldn't be surprised at this quote: "One in four women is a victim of domestic violence sometime during adulthood... But the incidence is higher for immigrant women, especially those who are undocumented."
    No specifics on what that higher incidence might be, however.
    Since we're on the topic of Hispanic culture, consider the Mexican school songbook which includes lyrics commending drug crime and violence. That's celebrating diversity, Mexico style.

The shrinking salad bowl
In California, the loss of farmland to suburban sprawl caused by the population explosion will have definite effect on what people will eat in future decades. More people means less acreage per person dedicated to growing food. Will today's children depend on backyard gardens for fresh produce?
    Agricultural scientist David Pimental has noted that the average American requires 1.2 acres of land per person, while the average Chinese gets by on .2 acres. Our future diet will likely have less meat because it will become far more expensive as land becomes more valuable. Is that progress?

Dutch MPs Forced to Live Like Prisoners
It has been nearly four months since the assassination of Theo Van Gogh by an Islamic extremist, and restrictionist members of Parliament Geert Wilders and Aayan Hirsi Ali are still living under armed guard 24/7. They have received credible death threats for criticizing Islam and recommending an end to Muslim immigration, and their virtual incarceration is the result.
    Imagine the outrage if two well known members of Congress were forced into hiding for expressing views unpopular with one religious group.
    More from the Dutch Report Blog.

Yucatan Publishes "Migrant Guide"
Yucatan Immigration Booklet The American furor over Mexico's original illegal immigration instruction pamphlet has hardly died down and now an individual state has produced its own publication nearly three times the length of the first.
    Yucatan has not been a major sending region, but apparently its ruling elite believes that more remittances and fewer peasants would be an improvement.
    You can download a copy of the publication which American Patrol has helpfully provided. Nearly every page has explanatory photos, doubtless a good idea when your target audence has less than a sixth-grade education and may not have learned Spanish as their native language.

New York Times: Worry on Qaeda Infiltration From Mexico
The rather stunning NYT headline reflects the "increasing concern" voiced in the annual status review (2/16/05) given to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Of course it is a no-brainer that Qaedas have noticed America's wide open door on the southern edge where tens of thousands enter daily with no footprints other than the trampled landscape.
    The deputy secretary of homeland security Admiral James Loy noted, "Several Al Qaeda leaders believe operatives can pay their way into the country through Mexico and also believe illegal entry is more advantageous than legal entry for operational security reasons."
    Update: Written statements from witnesses Loy, Mueller, Goss and others are available in PDF.
    FBI chief Robert Mueller's testmony in html

Islamism and leftism add up to anti-American madness in Turkey
Phew, bad craziness in Turkey. Not only the aforementioned, but also anti-Semitism and the nuttiest conspiracy theories this side of Elvis on Mars. One loony idea supposes that the U.S. knows that an asteroid will strike North America and is therefore colonizing the Middle East. Yeah, it's such attractive real estate and the people are so intelligent.
    Islamic extremism is apparently on the rise with little balancing influence from the secularists in Kemal Attaturk's old party, now gone to sleep. A marriage between the old Left and a repackaged Islam has created a noxious stew of beliefs that has turned Turkey against America. The writer fears that the legacy of Attaturk may be lost, and makes a good case that is happening.

Fading liberal dream tears Dutch apart
Multiculturalism has gone down in flames when an Amsterdam dreadlocked pot-smoker says, "There are too many immigrants in Holland. They are stealing our society."
    Some Dutch cling to the old idea of universal tolerance, as if that were possible with radical Islamists who refuse to assimilate to European society. Why should they when Eurabia is already in view?

President Increases Number of Refugees war criminal Marko Boskic
Moved by personal stories of violence and repression, the President lifted the 911 cutbacks on refugees that were put in place to protect Americans. The State Department will admit an additional 20,000 refugees next year, bringing the total to 70,000. The agency will be taking more time to keep out terrorists and criminals, but State's track record is not good.
    The refugee program has inserted some nasty customers into America's neighborhoods, like Marko Boskic (shown here), a member of an execution squad accused of murdering 1200 Bosnians in the notorious 1995 Srebrenica massacre. He entered the U.S. using his own name and proceeded to build a criminal record including drunk driving and assault, yet no official checked his background until an investigative feature hit the Boston Globe's front page. He is working his way through the U.S. justice system and could be tried in an international court as a war criminal. Just another refugee fleeing a "well-founded fear of persecution."

China's Big Export
According to the FBI, Silicon Valley has become a hotbed of Chinese spying, where China is trying to steal technology to improve its military strength. One naturalized couple is awaiting trial for sending $500,000 worth of computer parts used in missile technology to their homeland. The number of Chinese espionage cases in Silicon Valley increases by 20-30 percent annually.
    The FBI is tracking 3,000 businesses across the U.S. suspected to be acting in China's behalf. The 150,000 Chinese students studying at American universities are also coming under suspicion. Even non-spies are thoroughly debriefed when they return to China to glean all possible information.

Disease, Unwanted Import
Among the many problems brought by open borders are new public health threats of diseases we never had before and old ailments now toughened by antibiotic resistance, and the World Health Organization says that the worst may be yet to come.
    Imported diseases include tuberculosis, sickle cell anemia, hepatitis B, measles and the parasitic disease Chagas. There are fears that Chinese Avian flu may mutate into an illness that is far more easily transmitted. Remember the photos of people wearing surgical masks during the SARS scare a few years back?
    Hepatitis B is more widespread in Asia, to the degree that more than half of U.S. cases are from Asians, even though they are around four percent of the population. In fact, the director of Stanford University's Asian Liver Center recommends that all immigrants be tested for Hep B — your tax dollars at work.

Jihad TV: Fox capitulates to radical Islam
The action series "24" started out so well: it ignored the Hollywood PC commandment to ignore domestic Islamist terrorists, and realistically portrayed a Muslim family living in America as jihadist spies. But the network has caved in to demands of terrorist-affiliated groups like the Council for American-Islamic Relations by presenting a submissive statement that Muslims living in the U.S. are patriotic citizens, etc.
    On the contrary, U.S.-residing Muslims have been notable for NOT expressing support for the Constitution and America generally. Some, if not many, see this country as a prize to be transformed into an Islamic state. Furthermore, the belief that Islam and democracy are incompatible is widespread. "One man, one vote, one time" is the dark joke of how a nation, like Algeria, uses the democratic process once to arrive at sharia law.

Children Dumped in France
Because children under 18 cannot by law be deported, there has been an explosive increase in illegal alien minors being sent alone to France. The government reports that around 3,000 such children arrived in 2004. The law also requires that they receive housing, education and a living allowance, so the cost of providing for the foreigners means there are less resources available for French elderly, handicapped and young people in need.

Unfinished Business
Security expert Frank Gaffney explains in his usual clear style how the Sensenbrenner bill (HR 418) is long overdue and should be passed into law. Its main provisions establishing nationwide identification standards and closing asylum loopholes are common sense and are necessary for homeland security.

Interview with Terrorism Expert Harvey Kushner
National Review picks the brain of the author of the recent Holy War on the Home Front: the Secret Islamic Network in the United States, and Kushner believes that all the expensive homeland security razzmatazz has been essentially ineffective. He says, "I would agree that we are no safer today."

Recently heard from the liberal British PM
TONY BLAIR, BRITISH PRIME MINISTER: "Public concern about this is very simple. It's a play-by-the-rules concern. It's a concern that people, for example, who come in to claim asylum should be genuine refugees. The people who come in to work or study here should genuinely be coming in to work or study. And, therefore, what you need in place are strict controls that work in the interest of the country that mean that only people who play by the rules come in and those that don't, don't."
    What a pity our "conservative" President is miles away from such a simple declaration of what a national leader is supposed to do.
    Update: Human Events has also noticed that Tony Blair has gone to the right of Bush on immigration. Actually, Blair's tackling the problem forthrightly demonstrates that the issue is about preserving national sovereignty and security.

For the "Better Late Than Never" File (2/7/05)
Only a few mainstream newspapers have commented on the shocking Jan. 28 Freedom House revelations about Saudi Arabia's fifth-column activities in the United States.
    It should be major news in every American city, particularly those in which mosques are located, that those institutions may well be used to disseminate the worst anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-woman propaganda. Only a few news organizations have shaken off political correctness to warn citizens of the danger in their communities, and they are to be commended:
    • Washington Post: Report Cites 'Hate' Writings in U.S. Mosques
    • Chicago Sun-Times: Saudi government foments religious hatred in U.S.
    • Dallas Morning News: Anti-U.S. materials found at mosques
    • Boston Globe: Religious hatred, Saudi-style
    • Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Saudi venom in American mosques

SoCal's report card not golden
Quality of life in Southern California rates a miserable D+, with all categories but one worsening since 1999. Just one category stayed the same and that was Education, with a constant D. The report from the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) didn't mention immigration as a cause however.
    Southern California was a paradise just a few decades ago, until the floodgates from Mexico were opened. This animated map of Hispanic population growth indicates the extent to which we have allowed the importation of poverty. In addition, the untaxed economy proliferating because of the increased use of illegal aliens is destroying the area's financial solvency.

911 Hijacker Used Bypass to Obtain California Drivers License
Nawaf M.S. Alhazmi, the pilot who flew the plane into the Pentagon, used a California license gotten through a now-closed loophole that allowed foreign drivers without Social Security numbers to use a generic number in its place. However, because of that loophole, the DMV issued more than 184,000 licenses using the bypass code.

Aide to Mexican President Arrested in Gang Link
Nahum Acosta, a senior member of Vicente Fox's secretary's office, was arrested 2/3 because of possible links to a drug trafficking gang. Acosta worked as part of the team which organizes El Presidente's official trips, and it is feared that he passed sensitive travel information to narco-criminals. Officials deny they El Presidente Fox was endangered by the leaks, but the idea that drug lords have infiltrated the Mexican government at the highest levels is serious indeed.
    This news is particularly ironic given the howls of indignation when the U.S. State Department warned Americans of traveling to Mexico because of the increasing violence coming from drug gangs. At least 27 Americans have been kidnapped in the last six months, e.g. friends Yvette Martinez and Brenda Cisneros of Laredo, Texas, who went across the border to hear some live music and simply disappeared as they made their way home. Also, the 27 number does not include "express" kidnappings in which Americans are forced to withdraw large sums of money from ATMs in order to be released.

U.S. donates $5 million for "Mexican justice"
Here in California, services are being cut right and left, but the feds have money to throw away by giving it to the corrupt Mexicans. Supposedly the cash will go to Juarez police, prosecutors and victims to deal with the hundreds of murders of women there. As if. Even if millions of dollars are not siphoned off in graft, our government should not be spending taxpayer funds in Mexico, since we are trillions of dollars in the red.
    This news comes just a few days after the announcement that the Bush budget allows for only 210 additional Border Patrol agents instead of the 2,000 which Congress wanted.
    Of course, Mexico Is Rich, and could easily afford to put more money into law enforcement. But they don't need to invest in their own nation since Washington is still cowering before the gang of thugs who run our neighbor to the south.

Speaking Spanish in [U.S.] Senate
Freshman Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) used his first speech on the floor of the United States Senate to endorse the Hispanic Attorney General designee Alberto Gonzalez in an "eight-minute bilingual address."
    Perhaps Sen. Martinez envisions a future where all Congressional speech will be bilingual, similar to Canada's Parliament in which every English utterance is laboriously repeated in French, and vice versa.
    Remember that the Biblical Tower of Babel story (Genesis 11:1-9) described a punishment from God, not a celebration of diversity. All of humanity spoke one language, but when an arrogant tower was built high into the sky, God was angered and created many languages so people could not understand one another.

Homeless Tribe Faces New Foe
The Hmong refugee resettlement has come to a temporary halt due to cases of tuberculosis found among those being placed in American communities like Fresno (where unemployment in 2004 averaged 11.6 percent).
    However this article contains a public health detail missing from others: "But tuberculosis — including some cases of multi-drug-resistant TB — has been found in recent Hmong settlers in California, Minnesota and Wisconsin."

Richard Clarke's Nightmare
This piece draws attention to the important Atlantic Magazine article, "Ten Years Later" written as a speech in 2011 looking back from the ten-year anniversary of the 911 terrorist attacks. The history-from-the-future device is remarkably effective to open the mind to what our next few years might include.
    The imagined second wave of al Qaeda begins with suicide bombers in Las Vegas casinos, followed by others in public parks in Florida and California. Congress reacts by passing Patriot Act II, enabling a round-up of tens of thousands of illegal aliens who are encarcerated in Arizona camps. And that's just in 2005.
    Read an interview with Richard Clarke here. He noted, "What better way to stimulate debate about homeland security than to ... jump ahead about ten years and show what will happen if we don't improve our homeland-security posture before attacks occur?"

Mexican emigrants send $16bn home
Remittances to Mexico from US-located senders increased by 24 percent in 2004. That money amounted to two percent of Mexico's GDP, according to the Bank of Mexico. There were 50.9 million transactions, with an average value of $327 per remittance last year.
    This BBC report notes how the increasing numbers of remittances have sparked competition among the banks and other businesses which send the money to lower the fees. Excellent! In that case the Mexicans can easily afford a substantial tax on remittances that could help fund the healthcare services which illegal aliens (who are mostly Mexicans) are driving into bankruptcy.


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