Report: Refugees and Immigrants Are Highly Represented in Terror Convictions

Senator Jeff Sessions’ Immigration Subcommittee has published a study of persons convicted in terror crimes and the results are not promising for the safety of the nation. Despite the horror and deaths of 3000 inflicted on America on 9/11 by Middle Eastern foreigners, the government has learned little about protecting us in the intervening time, as shown by the fact that at least 380 of 580 convicted terrorists were foreign-born. Forty of those foreigners were refugees, which should be a warning about Obama’s project to admit 10,000 unscreenable Syrian refugees during this fiscal year. Why continue to import potential enemies who want to kill Americans? What kind of government does that?

Below, the 2013 Boston Marathon jihad attack, which killed three and seriously injured many others.

Senator Sessions appeared with Sean Hannity on Wednesday to discuss the report:

SEAN HANNITY: Based on research conducted on a list of the Department of Justice, subcommittee on that you’re involved in — let’s see, at least 380 of the 580 individuals convicted of terrorism or terrorism-related offenses between September 11, 2001, and December 31st, 2014, they were 380 of 580 were born abroad.

SENATOR JEFF SESSIONS: Absolutely, and it’s really a lot more than that because we had to find that information from public sources and for large number we couldn’t. I’d say it’s probably pushing 75 percent of those involved in terrorist activities

HANNITY: Were they illegal immigrants or were some foreign born here on visas and we’re not vetting them properly?

SESSIONS: Right, they’re coming mostly, I would assume, on legal visas but they are immigrants themselves, so some are suggesting the second generation or homegrown terrorism is the biggest problem: that’s really not so according to the data.

HANNITY: When Donald Trump said that there’s rapes and murders by illegal immigrants — I sat through a security briefing with Governor Rick Perry and in an eight-year period they reported, his officials, people on the on the borders, they gave the number of 625,000 crimes committed by illegal immigrants against Texans alone, including rape and murder. So this is happening, what Trump said is true, is accurate,

SESSIONS: It’s absolutely accurate, it’s indisputable really. We have a responsibility to protect the United States of America from those who would attack us and destroy domestic stability and tranquility. We can do that. People don’t have a constitutional right to demand entry. We should screen those people. Those who are likely to be prosperous and flourish in America and be good citizens we should admit before we admit those who are likely to be dangerous.

HANNITY: Well the group FAIR did a study and what they found is from the Freedom of Information Act on their behalf that the 30,558 criminal aliens that ICE released in fiscal year 2014 — of the 30,000, 13,288 additional crimes were committed by illegal immigrants that just got out of jail. Why are we letting illegal immigrants that are in prison back out on the street?

Sean, the law requires if you’re convicted of an offense in the United States, you shall be deported. They should be deported anyway if they’re here illegally. So you first should be deported if you’re here illegally, and if you commit a crime that’s a high priority case. It’s not happening, even that Hillary Clinton has said Sean, that nobody in the country illegally should be deported unless they are a terrorist or commit a violent crime and that’s just open borders really.

Below is a chart which shows the country of origin of the terrorists. More charts can be seen on the Fox News article, Anatomy of the terror threat, 6/22/16.


Here’s the report issued from Senator Sessions’ office:

At Least 580 Individucals Convicted in Terror Cases since 9/11, at Least 380 Are Foreign Born, Senator Sessions Office, June 22, 2016

WASHINGTON—Based on open-source research conducted on a list provided by the Department of Justice, the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest has determined that at least 380 of the 580 individuals convicted of terrorism or terrorism-related offenses between September 11, 2001 and December 31, 2014, were born abroad.  

On August 12, 2015, December 3, 2015, and January 11, 2016, letters were sent to the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and State, requesting the immigration histories of individuals implicated in terrorism since early 2014. For over 10 months, the Obama Administration has refused to provide this crucial and easily accessible information. Since sending the last letter on January 11, however, the Subcommittee has identified 18 additional individuals implicated in terrorism since early 2014 – bringing the total to 131, of whom at least 16 were initially admitted to the United States as refugees, and at least 17 of whom are the natural-born citizen children of immigrants.

However, the Department of Justice (DOJ) did provide the Subcommittee with a list it maintains of 580 individuals not only implicated, but convicted, of terrorism or terrorism-related offenses between September 11, 2001 and December 31, 2014. DOJ has deferred to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to provide immigration background information regarding these individuals, but to this day, DHS has not done so – despite having the information on the foreign-born easily accessible in its records and databases.

Using this list, the Subcommittee conducted open-source research and determined that at least 380 of the 580 were foreign-born (71 were confirmed natural-born, and the remaining 129 are not known).  Of the 380 foreign-born, at least 24 were initially admitted to the United States as refugees, and at least 33 had overstayed their visas. Additionally, of those born abroad, at least 62 were from Pakistan, 28 were from Lebanon, 22 were Palestinian, 21 were from Somalia, 20 were from Yemen, 19 were from Iraq, 16 were from Jordan, 17 were from Egypt, and 10 were from Afghanistan. Continue reading this article

Second Generation Immigrants Are Promising Targets for Jihad Recruiters

Tuesday’s Washington Times headlined, “Immigrants children lured to terror: Identity often difficult for 2nd generation.”


The topic of the troubled second generation, particularly in Islamic families, is one that I’ve examined over time, recently in Government Screening Won’t Stop Second Generation Jihad. In that case, a Silicon Valley executive Sal Shafi contacted authorities because he feared his son, Adam (pictured), had turned jihad and was about to leave to join ISIS. Legal difficulties ensued.

The case was an extreme version of teen development where rejection of the parents’ values is felt as the right way forward to become an individual. Of course, the human brain is not fully developed until age 25 or thereabouts, so some adolescent choices can turn out to be bad ones.

Immigrant teens experience extra stress in the construction of who they believe themselves to be. Immigrant kids are not completely American nor entirely their parents’ tribe. As a result, many associate with others of the same demographic and form gangs based on ethnicity.

Muslim youth face a more consequential choice. The ISIS beheading gang claims to offer “true” Islam, not the watered-down or assimilated version of the parents, which provides a welcoming identity clubhouse to searchy young people.

Below, thousands of young Muslim men from around the world have traveled to the Middle East to join ISIS.


The Washington Times article names a couple recent examples of second generation assimilation failures; I have reported on others in addition to the Shafi family. One was the son of Albanian immigrants Betim Kaziu was sentenced in 2012 to 27 years in the slammer for plotting to murder US soldiers overseas. Another was Mohamed Mohamud, a young Somali who plotted to bomb a Portland Oregon Christmas celebration, whose father (an engineer at Intel) contacted authorities with worries that his son was becoming radicalized.

The problem of second generation radicalization shows that immigration screening of the first generation does not protect America from danger. Islam can act like a recessive gene, becoming active in later generations to kill. Understanding this point means the prudent policy for American national security should be Zero Muslim immigration, period.

The online version of the Washington Times story was headlined somewhat differently:

American-born children of immigrants proving fruitful recruiting ground for jihad in U.S., By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, June 13, 2016

While immigrants draw much of the attention, it’s their children who are proving to be the most fruitful recruiting ground for radical jihad in the U.S., accounting for at least half of the deadly attacks over the past decade.

The latest instance of the second-generation terrorist syndrome played out in Orlando, Florida, over the weekend when Omar Mateen, son of immigrants from Afghanistan, went on a jihad-inspired rampage, killing 49 people and wounding 53 others in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.
Authorities said Mateen had flirted with other terrorist groups but declared his allegiance to the Islamic State on Sunday morning as he began his horrific spree.

He follows in the footsteps of Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the San Bernardino, California, terrorists who was the son of Pakistanis; Nadir Soofi, one of two men who attacked a drawing competition in Garland, Texas, last year and whose father was from Pakistan; and then-Maj. Nidal Hassan, the child of Palestinian immigrants whose shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, in 2009 set off the modern round of deadly lone-wolf attacks.

In other cases, attackers were immigrants brought to the U.S. as young children. They grew up in the U.S. but were besieged by questions of identity.

“Historically, the ‘high stress’ generation for American immigrants has been second generation,” said former CIA Director Michael V. Hayden. “Mom and Pop can rely on the culture of where they came from. Their grandchildren will be (more or less) thoroughly American. The generation in between, though, is anchored neither in the old or in the new. They often are searching for self or identity beyond self.” Continue reading this article

CNN Reports ISIS Mixing with Refugees to Infiltrate Europe

If CNN is describing the “refugee” hordes as being permeated with ISIS jihad killers, then the process must be far advanced and quite out in the open.

Wolf Blitzer sounds shocked that such a thing could happen to sully a humanitarian crisis. He must not have noticed when ISIS announced its jihadists would pose as refugees to gain entrance to Europe well over a year ago.

Clearly this mass movement is an invasion and threatens the existence of Europe, but its leaders are too stuck in liberal do-gooder ideology to stop the suicide. Europe is mostly surrounded by water, and several of its nations have navies, but they are being used to rescue invaders rather than keep them out.

Poet Robert Frost defined a liberal as a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel, and Europe has the problem writ large.

CNN Transcript, Aired May 26, 2016

BLITZER: There are ominous new developments in the migrant crisis unfolding in Europe. We’re now learning that ISIS fighters are hiding among the migrants masses, many of them being smuggled through Libya. Senior correspondent Nick Paton Walsh has this exclusive report.


NICK PATON WALSH, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): This is the moment when desperate dreams come to an end. We’re with the Libyan immigration police inside a warehouse of migrant hopefuls they just raided on the Tripoli beachfront. As Turkey and Greece close their shores, the Libyan route to Europe has exploded again. Here, among the squalor that a lifetime savings buys, is where fantasies of a future in Europe fall apart.

(on camera): Where are you from?


WALSH (voice-over): This man fled ISIS-loyal Boko Haram, whose bombs killed his father and brother. And he survived the desert trek until here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: After today, bomb blast, tomorrow bomb blast. We’re not safe. After the death of my father and my brother, I said let me go. And let me travel out. And every time I talk about them, I feel sad. I feel sad.

WALSH: We leave quickly, as this is a smugglers’ neighborhood. But there’s a new threat. Smugglers and police telling us that ISIS have hidden fighters among other groups of migrants bound for Europe.

(on camera): This trade in human souls is awful enough until you think that perhaps ISIS are using this passage of human life into Europe, trying to infiltrate the continent with sleeper cells.

(voice-over): Police tell us off camera they have caught different other migrants with ISIS links. And a top Libyan official warns us the threat is real.

UNIDENTIFIED TOP LIBYAN OFFICIAL (through translation): ISIS can be among illegal immigrants on the boats. They travel with their families, without weapons, as normal illegal immigrants. They will wear American dress and have English-language papers so they cause no suspicion. Continue reading this article

Immigration Debate Erupts on Fox News

Friend of immigration enforcement Tucker Carlson usually appears on a Fox News morning show where his sensible views about the immigration threat to national security get fewer eyeballs. But on Tuesday he was part of the panel on the network’s major news show, and he couldn’t resist bringing up the lessons of Trump that the Republican Party refuses to hear, that heartland Americans want immigration to be controlled and reduced.

Will speaking a tiny morsel of truth about the national question cause Carlson to disappear from Fox’s prime time? We’ll see.

TUCKER CARLSON: I would say the Republican Party in Washington should also not ignore Trump’s voters, and the one issue that they can win a lot of these voters back — and they should, he just won the Republican nomination beating 16 people, all of whom were backed in a sense by Washington Republicans. There’s a statement being made by voters to DC: I think they just need to move on immigration. I actually think a lot of the details of economic policy, the subjects Ryan is most interested in, Trump would probably move on those, but they’ve got to demonstrate a good faith effort to secure the borders and at least to rethink our current immigration scheme which has been in place for 51 years. Nobody is even willing to talk about it. Trump’s voters clearly want a public conversation on that. Why can’t they move on that?

HOST BRET BAIER: These Republicans are nowhere near deporting illegal immigrants.

CARLSON: But the population is. There was a series of polls in swing states done last week on how do you feel about a temporary ban on Muslim immigration. Everyone in DC’s horrified by the idea. It’s like evidence of membership the Nazi Party, and yet across the country, huge numbers of people — 65 percent of Wisconsin voters favor that, not all Republicans, a lot of Democrats. It doesn’t mean you should back it; it does mean you need to rethink your comfortable assumptions about immigration if you’re the Republican Party.

STEVE HAYES: In a country founded on freedom of religion, it’s not a good idea to ban religion.

CARLSON: It’s a little more complicated than that.

HAYES: Republicans can’t just cast aside their principles because Donald Trump comes around and you know this orange guy suggests free trade is bad, we’re gonna throw away two hundred years of Adam Smith.

CARLSON: I’ve never noticed a lot of principles among Republicans in Washington; perhaps they’re there, they’re hiding them well. I would just say, look at the destruction of Europe underway now — one of the lessons from Trump. It doesn’t mean we need to ban people who are Muslims, I agree that’s an overstatement, kinda crazy, but it does mean keeping your immigration regime the same in the face of what’s happening in Europe is equally crazy.

HAYES: I agree with you entirely. They need to respond to this clearly, but if you make the argument — you’re not making it, others have made it — that they just cast aside these pillars of conservatism because Donald Trump is making certain arguments about trade and other things, I think that’s unwise, and I think that’s one of the reasons that you’re seeing this resistance from some people. They don’t want to support somebody who opposes the things that they fought for and held most dear for years.

CARLSON: Open borders is one of the things they held most dear for years. They’re going to have to give up on it because the country just doesn’t support it. They’ve defended it and they need to change.

Actually, what would be wrong with ending immigration from Muslim nations entirely? America didn’t have visas for Nazis in WWII, and Islam has been at war with the West for 1400 years. America’s first war, aka the Barbary Wars, was against African Muslim kingdoms where President Thomas Jefferson sent the Navy to destroy the Islamic pirates who had terrorized the seas with the enslavement of more than a million Europeans over centuries, as well as the capture of American seamen.

Certainly Tucker Carlson is right to point to the European disaster caused by the unpopular Muslim influx, which has brought terror and death.

Below, the Brussels airport was bombed by jihadists on March 22. Thirty-two people died in three Islamic attacks in the area that day.

Government Screening Won’t Stop Second-Generation Jihad

AdamShafiJihadWannaBeSunday’s New York Times had a cautionary tale, but perhaps not the one it intended. Silicon Valley executive Sal Shafi worried that his 22-year-old son Adam (pictured) had turned to jihad and contacted the FBI with his concerns. The young man was arrested and in December he was indicted by a federal grand jury, accused of providing material support to the al-Nusrah Front in Syria.

The Times piece focuses on the father’s anguish about ratting out his kid and landing him in jail. Shafi wished for a middle ground between doing nothing and putting the kid in the slammer, and sought to develop an intervention approach that could be used. That didn’t work out, and Shafi ended up feeling wronged by the government, warning parents with a similar problem, “Don’t even think about going to the government.”

In fact, Sal Shafi seems like an outstanding father, taking all the steps for his son that a born-here American would do. And there’s the rub: among Muslim immigrant children, the normal separation process from the parents can sometimes take the form of jihad. The immigrant parents are busy getting settled among strangers in a new culture, while born-here kids or immigrants who arrived young have different issues.

The kids may feel not quite American, depending on the home life, and tend to hang out with other young people of the same demographic, hence the common formation of gangs among second-generation youth.

The problem of young Muslims turning jihad is common: thousands have left Europe to fight in the Middle East, rejecting the freedoms that westerners treasure. The Tsarnaev brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon, had plenty of opportunities handed to them, but preferred to kill for allah. Dozens of young Somalis have left Minnesota for their ancestral home for jihad.

I have a book in the stack titled, Europe’s Angry Muslims: The Revolt of the Second Generation that expresses where much of the trouble lies.

Mass-murdering jihad cannot be screened out by careful investigation of new immigrants — such as the Syrian refugees Obama is rushing to admit — because it can reappear in later generations. Muslim immigration is a bad idea, period.

Only Hard Choices for Parents Whose Children Flirt With Terror, New York Times, April 9, 2016

FREMONT, Calif. — The banging on the door jolted Sal Shafi awake.F.B.I. agents were looking for his son. “Where’s Adam?” they yelled. “Where’s Adam?”

Terrified, Mr. Shafi led the agents, guns drawn, up the stairs toward his son’s bedroom. He watched as they led his 22-year-old son away in handcuffs, backed by evidence of Adam Shafi’s terrorist ambitions.

He had come to the attention of officials not by a well-placed informant or a sting operation. His father, concerned and looking for help, had simply picked up the phone and led the government right to his son. For months, over the objections of his lawyer, Mr. Shafi had been talking to the F.B.I., believing he was doing the right thing.

“My God,” he thought, soon after the arrest in July. “I just destroyed Adam.”

Had things been different, Mr. Shafi, 62, a Silicon Valley executive, might have become a much-needed spokesman for the Obama administration’s counterradicalization campaign. Who better to talk to other parents about the seductive pull of terror organizations? Trust the government, he would tell them. They do not want to take away your children. Continue reading this article

Jihad Attacks on Brussels Kill Dozens

Today the capital city of the European Union is shut down because of Islamic immigration and the slaughter it has brought. Dozens have been killed in multiple explosions in Brussels. Smart phones make it easy for jihadists to co-ordinate simultaneous attacks in a city or across a continent, as apparently happened in the New Year’s attacks.

The Belgian Army has been deployed in Brussels, as the central city is being deserted by citizens who are forced to walk home because public transport is closed. People are told to stay in place because the country is at war.

This isn’t how diversity was advertised. In fact, a local jihad outfit, Sharia4Belgium, has been very outspoken about their plan to create Belgistan.

Below, one of the bombs went off in the Brussels Airport.


It was probably unwise for Belgian authorities to reveal that recently captured jihadist Salah Abdeslam, the wanna-be Paris suicide bomber, was spilling his guts about European Islamics, thereby triggering the attack before police began making arrests. Judge Andrew Napolitano called such real-time revelations by interrogators a “catastrophic mistake” and could be prosecuted in the United States as an obstruction of justice.

Once again, the point is made in blood that admitting Islamic enemies inside the gates is a disastrous policy based on crazy liberal multiculturalism. It may well be too late for Europe, but the United States should get a clue and stop admitting the 1400-year adversary of Western civilization. There’s no right to immigrate, despite what liberals say.

Here’s a basic news report of the attack so far:

Islamic State claims Brussels attacks that kill at least 30, Reuters, March 22, 2016

Islamic State claimed responsibility for attacks on Brussels airport and a rush-hour metro train in the Belgian capital on Tuesday which killed at least 30 people, a news agency affiliated to the group said.

The coordinated assault triggered security alerts across Europe and drew global expressions of support, four days after Brussels police had captured the prime surviving suspect in Islamic State’s attacks on Paris last November.

A witness said he heard shouts in Arabic and shots shortly before two blasts struck a packed airport departure lounge at Brussels airport. The federal prosecutor said one of the explosions was probably triggered by a suicide bomber.

Belgian media published a security camera picture of three young men pushing laden luggage trolleys through the airport and reported that police suspected them of being the attackers. They said two were suspected of having blown themselves up while police were hunting the third. Continue reading this article

Pakistan: Suicide Bomb Kills 15 at Polio Center

In Pakistan, the Taliban’s war against public health efforts to vaccinate against polio has struck again, with the murder of 15 outside of a vaccination center in the city of Quetta. Many of the victims were police, who are often seen near the vaccinators because of the danger from murderous jihadists.

Below, authorities investigate the bombing scene in Quetta on January 13.


Police routinely accompany anti-polio workers to protect them from the Taliban.


A news report about Pakistan polio murders from a year ago stated that “Attacks on immunisation teams have claimed 68 lives since December 2012.” The government of Pakistan instituted an Islam-friendly polio vaccination program in 2014, but it doesn’t seem to have been accepted by the jihadists. As a result, only Pakistan and Afghanistan are still considered polio-endemic nations today after a largely successful worldwide campaign to wipe out the crippling disease. Pakistan recorded more than 300 cases of polio in 2014, which must be counted as more misery caused by backward Islam.

The Taliban brain trust thinks polio shots sterilize children, even though Pakistan has a robust fertility rate of 3.7 children per woman and is the sixth most populous nation in the world with 199 million persons.

Third-world diseases, like polio, are another reason why legal immigration requires newbies to get the standard shots we all got as kids. Hopefully then, we can assume the 304,000 Pakistani immigrants residing in America have met basic public health standards.

Suicide bomber kills at least 15 outside Pakistan polio center, Reuters, January 13, 2016

A suicide bomber killed at least 15 people, most of them police, outside a polio eradication center in the Pakistani city of Quetta on Wednesday, the latest militant attack on the anti-polio campaign in the country.

Two militant groups – the Pakistani Taliban and Jundullah, which has links with the Taliban and has pledged allegiance to Islamic State – separately claimed responsibility for the attack.

The bomb blew up a police van that had just arrived at the center to provide an escort for workers in a drive to immunize all children under five years old in the poor southwestern province of Baluchistan. Continue reading this article

ISIS Opens Jihad U. in Syria, Where Bomb Science Is a Top Major

A couple days back, Sky News reported about an ISIS jihad weapons lab which had been discovered from a captured video.

Here’s a discussion on Fox News with a British bomb expert:

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: This is terrifying — ISIS University. Sky News uncovering video footage showing a very sophisticated training academy in Syria where terrorists are learning how to make bombs and complex weapons and for one purpose — to wage war on the West and to kill. Former British Army intelligence officer in bomb disposal specialist Major Chris Hunter goes on the record from London. Good evening, sir, and what are your thoughts about this?

MAJOR HUNTER: The first thing, Greta, was that the level of ingenuity, the level of technical sophistication that we’ve seen in these training videos is absolutely unsurpassed. The IRA, for example, were the leaders in bomb-making technology for 30 years when I was a young bomb technician. When I went to Iraq in 2004 with the US-led coalition, the Iraqi insurgents superseded that level of technical sophistication in one year, but these guys, ISIS, are leagues ahead. You know, this is absolutely ground-breaking stuff.

Here’s the original video that Sky News broadcast:

One of the scariest things was that ISIS has figured out how to resurrect old jet missiles with a homemade thermal battery to turn them into working surface-to-air missiles capable of shooting down passenger jets. See an article from Major Hunter on the Sky website, IS Bomb Skills ‘Truly The Stuff Of Nightmares’.

My first thought upon seeing the advanced bomb building was where did they learn such engineering skills? In American universities? When Muslim students come here to study, they don’t major in literature or art; they learn technical subjects. For example, the jihad refugee arrested in Sacramento this week was enrolled as a computer science major.

Below, an ISIS technician works on a missile in Syria.


By the way, why hasn’t this site been bombed to smithereens? It’s known to be located in a former equestrian center in Raqqa — so what’s the holdup in Washington? I simply can’t imagine.

It is highly unwise to be training the bloodthirsty enemies of the West, if that was the case here. At any rate, American universities have been welcoming institutions for the unfriendly diverse for years, from jihad-inclined Saudis to ChiCom spies. Not long after the 9/11 attacks on America, Senator Diane Feinstein suggested a six-month moratorium on student visas, but the university suits came down on her like a ton of transcripts. So it goes in America-hating academia.

US student visa program’s ‘many vulnerabilities’ raise spying, terror fears, Fox News, January 07, 2016

From potential terrorists who enroll at phony schools only to melt into the U.S. population, to foreign scientists who come to study weapons technology at America’s top schools, the student visa program is allowing dangerous enemies into the country, a former top federal official told

Recent attention has been focused on refugee programs and illegal border crossings, but the Achilles heel in America’s immigration system may be the program that invites 1.2 million foreigners into the U.S. each year, according to Claude Arnold, retired special agent in charge for Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Los Angeles bureau of Homeland Security Investigations. Once here on student visas, immigrants are barely monitored and tens of thousands don’t show up for classes and fall off the government radar.

“Our legal immigration system has many vulnerabilities and the student visa program is no different,” Arnold said. “It is only a matter of time before there is either some horrible criminal act, or some act of terrorism, and there is absolutely no information available that would have caused [authorities] to go out and pick that person up.” Continue reading this article

Two America-residing Iraqi Refugees Are Busted for Jihad

Two Iraqi refugees were arrested on Thursday for terror-related charges, one in Sacramento and one in Houston. Keep in mind that the US presence in Iraq over years has given our government plenty of access to information about Iraqis entering this country. Even so, these jihadists were able to slip through any alleged screening — just like earlier Iraqi refugees such as Waad Ramadan Alwan (a former Iraq soldier who planted bombs against Americans) and Abdullatif Aldosary (a convicted felon who was nevertheless allowed to remain in the US and eventually bomb the Casa Grande AZ Social Security office).

Washington has almost no information about Syrians because of limited relations with the Asad government, yet it is happy to rubber stamp thousands of Obama-surprise Muslims as refugees for America.

Below, Texas Governor Greg Abbott remarked about the arrests, “This is precisely why I called for a halt to refugees entering the U.S. from countries substantially controlled by terrorists.” He has been vocal in his opposition to Syrian refugees, along with at least 29 other governors.


Fox Business’ Stuart Varney observes, “You think ISIS isn’t already in this country? Well, you better think again.”

Iraqi refugees arrested on terrorism charges, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, January 7, 2016

Cases could hurt Obama plans to take Syrians seeking asylum

Authorities arrested two Iraqi refugees on terrorism-related charges Thursday, in a move that undercuts President Obama’s plans to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S. this year.

Prosecutors said Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, a Palestinian born in Iraq who came to the U.S. as a refugee from Syria in October 2012, later traveled back to Syria to train with terrorists, then lied to immigration officials about it later.

Even as he arrived in the U.S., he was plotting to join the fight with terrorists in Syria, according to government documents that said he talked about having killed Syrian security officers.

Investigators also indicted Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, a Palestinian man born in Iraq, on three counts of attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State.

The revelations are a major blow to Mr. Obama, who had insisted the Iraqi refugee program was a success and it proved the U.S. could properly screen out would-be bad actors from the Syrian refugee population as well. Continue reading this article

Disneyland and Other Theme Parks Increase Security after San Bernardino Jihad Attack as Part of America’s New Normal

Welcome to the New Normal (jihad-style) in America, where daily life is increasingly constrained by safety concerns as never before because of Washington’s policy of Muslim immigration. The latest victim is the theme park, a popular family activity that remains somewhat affordable. But the new security measures, such as metal detector screening, will certainly add to the cost as well as the hassle.

Disneyland, aka the Happiest Place on Earth, has decided to increase its security precautions.


It didn’t have to be this way. Muslim immigration was a relatively recent screw-up resulting from the 1965 opening of the diversity gates. The number of Middle Easterners residing here in 1970 was a manageable 200,000. Now it’s millions.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson had a succinct reaction to the “new normal” in an interview with a security expert:

“That’s not really the country a lot of us want to live in and this is the result of bad government policy: so the government imports people from refugee camps in Somalia and the rest of us have to go through metal detectors.”

More Muslims mean less freedom. It will only get worse.

For example, airline travel used to be relatively fun. You arrived at the airport, checked in and were headed for your destination in short order. Now the process takes an hour or two longer for all the security measures so Achmed won’t blow the thing up for allah.

Sports events are an attractive target, as shown by the close call in the Paris jihad of November: suicide bombers tried to enter the soccer match attended by President Hollande but were kept out, preventing an even worse massacre when an alert security guard found the explosive vest on one during a pat down.

The 2013 Boston Marathon jihad bombing demonstrated how a 26-mile footrace presents an enormous challenge to maintain safety. Authorities rarely reveal dollar costs for jihad prevention, although we do know the 2015 Boston race included approximately 3,500 local, state, and federal law enforcement officers and 300 National Guard Military Police Officers — that’s a lot of overtime.

London’s 2012 Olympics cost $2 billion for security and turned the city into an armed camp, with surface-to-air missile batteries installed on apartment buildings. By comparison, the pre-Islamic 1948 London Olympics required minimal policing for citizens to enjoy world-class athletics with no fear of Muslim killers.

How much longer can the Olympics survive given such enormous costs for Muslim diversity?

With Mexicans, you at least get burritos. Allah’s gangsters bring burqas, mass murder and a supremacist ideology.

Disney theme parks beefing up security with metal detectors, Associated Press, December 18, 2015

ORLANDO, Fla. — Three major theme parks announced Thursday that they are adding security measures including metal detectors ahead of the busy holiday season.

Officials at Disney, Universal and SeaWorld’s Florida theme parks said all three parks will be using metal detector screening for guests as they enter.

In addition, Disney is discontinuing the sale of toy guns at both its Florida and California parks and will no longer allow those items to be brought in.

The moves come at a time when many public venues worldwide are stepping up security efforts to thwart possible terrorism or other attacks after recent violence in Paris and San Bernardino, California.

Disney will be randomly selecting guests for secondary screening but wouldn’t say how long the measures would be in place. Universal says its metal detector use is a test and won’t discuss specific future plans. SeaWorld says guests can expect bag checks and wand metal detector checks. Continue reading this article

Fiancee Visas Are Yet Another Easy Entry Ploy for Immigration to Stupid-Generous America

News reports now say that the jihad wife imported from dar al-Islam was the first to fire on unarmed innocents at a Christmas party in San Bernardino.

Below, Pakistani immigrant Tashfeen Malik (circled) reached her Jihad Dream of mass murdering Americans by marrying a born-here Muslim man.


I read a couple of articles about the fiancee visa since that was the immigration route taken by Malik to reach the jackpot of infidel targets — America. But none of the MSM news reports were as informative as the discussion with former INS senior special agent Mike Cutler.

Apparently arranged marriages, where the couple has never met, are totally acceptable to the US government and don’t suggest fraud or slavery, which are frequent motivations for the practice. What could possibly go wrong with so little screening? It invites abuse and worse, as we have recently seen.

Islam has been at war with everyone else for 1400 years, and this country should wake up and smell the gunpowder. Admitting historic enemies inside the gates is insanely dangerous. America didn’t have Nazi visas during WWII.

TUCKER CARLSON: Details are emerging this morning about the female shooter the San Bernardino massacre that killed 14 people. Tashfeen Malik had been living in Pakistan and visiting family in Saudi Arabia where she grew up, but she passed several background checks and entered the United States on July of 2014 on a K-1 visa, a so-called fiancee visa, that visa allowed her to travel here and get married within 90 days of arriving. So how could she have made it into the country with hardly any vetting? Here to weigh in is retired senior specialist from INS Michael Cutler. Thanks for joining us.

MICHAEL CUTLER: Thank you so much for having me.

CARLSON: It turns out we knew very little about this woman before letting her in. Did we try to learn more?

CUTLER: Well, we try but you know we keep hearing about the vetting process for refugees. In most cases, many of our visa programs have no vetting process. If you look at the K-1 program it has the highest approval rate or one of the highest approval rates because how do you screen this? This isn’t like marriage fraud. I did marriage fraud investigations and we’ve seen what terrorists have used marriage fraud and visa fraud — the 9/11 Commission talked about that by the way. But here you are talking about somebody going to immigration saying, I’m about to marry this person, I’ve never met them. Now they’re supposed to have met them within two years but if going to their countries so far away would impose a hardship or if their religious beliefs don’t require a face-to-face meeting you could bring someone in literally sight unseen. How do you make certain that this is legitimate?
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FBI Is Tracking 48 ISIS Suspects in US, in Addition to 1000 Active Cases

It’s unusual to get such a precise number of potential terrorists, so the release of that fact by FBI Director James Comey may be a public notice that the jihad welcome mat to Syrians and whoever is crossing the Mexican border is getting out of hand.

At a certain point, the government will have imported too many Muslim bad guys for the FBI to follow, and it sounds like we are there or beyond, judging by an interview with analyst Walid Phares:

PHARES: The FBI leadership has told us over the past few weeks that they are conducting investigations in all 50 states so 48 are the individuals but we really don’t know the real number of all these cells or individuals across the United States. What is very interesting is the director of the FBI Mr. Comey made a very important statement and I think this is a change in the direction of where our administration or at least the law enforcement and national security agencies are going. You saying we really don’t know what time a radicalized individuals — and we’re focusing on those — will click and become a terrorist. This is the most important point and we are observing wider and wider pools of radicalized individuals.

FOX INTERVIEWER: When you talk about the wider and wider pools according the FBI takes at least a dozen agents to keep track of simply one radical, so right now we’re in the 500 + agent range but if all of the sudden ISIS sends over another couple hundred people there’s simply not the manpower to keep track of them. Is is there a way to try and head this off before this becomes a problem or are we simply sitting on ticking time bomb?

How about not admitting thousands of potential enemies into the country as some variety of immigrant? If protecting the country is not too radical an idea. . .

Here are more details, also suggesting that Muslim immigration diversity  is reaching a dangerous level.

FBI using elite surveillance teams to track at least 48 high-risk ISIS suspects, By Catherine Herridge, Fox News, November 27, 2015

With as many as 1,000 active cases, Fox News has learned at least 48 ISIS suspects are considered so high risk that the FBI is using its elite tracking squads known as the mobile surveillance teams or MST to track them domestically.

“There is a very significant number of people that are on suspicious watch lists, under surveillance,” Republican Sen. Dan Coats said.

Coats, who sits on the Select Committee on Intelligence, would not comment on specifics, but said the around-the-clock surveillance is a major commitment for the bureau. “The FBI together with law enforcement agencies across the country are engaged in this. It takes enormous amount of manpower to do this on a 24-7 basis.  It takes enormous amount of money to do this,” Coats explained.

These elite FBI teams are reserved for espionage, mob violence and high-priority terrorism cases, like a joint terrorism task force case last June, where a 26 year old suspect Usaama Rahim, was killed outside a Massachusetts CVS. When a police officer and FBI agent tried to question him, the Boston Police Commissioner said Rahim threatened them with a knife, and was shot dead.

With at least a dozen agents assigned to each case, providing 24/7 coverage, this high level of surveillance reflects the severe risk associated with suspects most likely to attempt copycat attacks after Paris.

“It is a big resource drain. Yes it is. Almost overwhelming,” Coats said when asked about the demand placed on the FBI. “There will be a lot of people over the Thanksgiving weekend that will not be enjoying turkey with their family. They’ll be out there providing security for the American people and the threat is particularly high during this holiday period.” Continue reading this article

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